Fair dinkum Aussie??

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2006-240-citizenship-testA while ago now I started thinking about the Australian Citizenship Test. Why? I don’t know, I just did. So finally I have got around to doing some investigating.

First port of call, Google of course, where I found all the information I could possibly need to find out if in fact I too deserved to be in this Country!

You see, one of the reasons I started thinking about the Test, was, as an Aussie girl, born in this fine country of ours, could I pass the test? I nervously wondered, if I actually could?

So this is what I found on www.citizenship.gov.au:

Test rules

There are some basic rules which you must follow during the test:

  • Test is timed – You will be allowed 45 minutes to complete the test (or 90 minutes in the case of an assisted test). No additional time will be made available.
  • This is a closed book test – You must not bring any test resource material into the testing venue (this includes note paper, the Becoming an Australian Citizen resource book, study notes, etc).
  • Personal belongings may be taken into the test site however these must be stored under the desk for the duration of the test. Mobile phones and all other electronic communication/gaming equipment should be switched off while you are within the test venue.
  • If you do not follow these rules, you may be asked to leave the test venue and may have to sit the test again.

(I’m having horrible flashbacks to the HSC and Uni!)

Test questions

All questions in the test are selected from information in the free booklet Becoming an Australian Citizen.

You are not required to purchase or obtain a citizenship test package from any other individual or organisation in order to pass the citizenship test. The department does not endorse or recommend any package that claims it will assist you pass the citizenship test.

Everything you need to know to pass the test is contained in the book Becoming an Australian Citizen.

The test questions are based on the following:

  • Responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship
  • Australian values
  • Australian history
  • Australian society
  • Governing Australia.

Ooh, Governing Australia…. Maybe I should have listened in school!! So while I didn’t go as fas as to order the Becoming an Australian Citizen book, (I thought they might question why I wanted it!), I did take the practice test.

So first time round I scored 3 out 5. I wasn’t very impressed with that I thought I would have done better! So I decided to take it again. Turns out it’s the same 5 questions every time, but they don’t tell you which one you got wrong!

Second time round I got 4 out of 5! Third time lucky 5 out of 5!! However, I’m guessing that in the real test you don’t get to have 3 goes at it until you get them all right!

So what were the questions?

1. Which one of these is a responsibility for every Australia?
a) Renounce their citizenship of any other country?
b) Serve in Australian Diplomatic Missions overseas?
c) Join with Australian to defend Australia and its way of life, should the need arise?

2. Which one of these values is important in modern Australia?
a) Everyone has the same religion?
b) Everyone has equality of opportunity?
c) Everyone belongs to the same political party?

3. What is Australia’s national floral emblem?
a) The banksia?
b) The waratah?
c) The golden wattle?

4. Which one of these Australians is famous for playing cricket?
a) Rod Laver
b) Sir Donald Bradman
c) Sir Hubert Opperman

5. What is a Bill?
a) A decision by a government department
b) A proposed law that has not yet passed through parliament
c) A legal document that outlines the Australian system of government

Get any of them right?!! So, I’m guessing you want the answers now!

1. c | 2. b | 3. c | 4. b | 5. b

So are you a fair dinkum Aussie? I was, 3rd time round!!

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