Everything happens for a reason…

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Everything happens for a reason…

I’ve heard myself say these words sometimes. Sometimes I’m a firm believer in the phrase and sometimes I think it’s a load of hogwash.

On Saturday afternoon, the baby moo woke from a nap around 3.45pm. The big kids were going nuts, but playing nicely, tearing around the yard and house.

Hubby said to me, why don’t we take the kids for a bike ride? I looked outside and it was a bit breezy and I said, maybe not as it’s getting cold and the middle moo and baby moo both have bad coughs.

So we went about our afternoon at home, then just before 5pm hubby heard a helicopter. This is not unusual for us as we live near the hospital and the kids often spot the rescue chopper flying over.

But this wasn’t the rescue chopper. It was the Police helicopter, Polair. At first the kids thought it was awesome, lights flashing and all. But it kept circling and then hubby heard it make an announcement which he couldn’t make out.

We shushed the kids and then hubby heard: stay inside and lock your doors. We are looking for a white male, 25 years, armed.

ARMED…. Kids inside, every door and window locked and double checked, and quietly freaking out on the inside while looking normal on the outside for the kids.

The pink moo, nearly 5, knew something was wrong so we explained to her the police were looking for a naughty man and we had to stay inside.

Numerous police cars then arrived at the corner of our street and my freaking out went from 5 to 105.

We searched online looking for details but had to wait for the 6pm news. Police were searching for a man, believed to be armed with a hand gun, seen just a few streets from where we live at 4pm after numerous altercations.

The street next to the bike track where we would have been walking around 4pm had we set out for the ride/walk after hubby mentioned it at 3.45pm…

It didn’t hit me until later that night that had I not thought, hmmmm it’s getting a bit chilly, we would have been there, right THERE at the same time as this alleged gunman.

So I guess on Saturday at 3.45pm, that minute, that decision, happened for a very very good reason.

(The search was called off around 7.30pm after Polair, ground police and the dog squad failed to locate the man. Its been reported he poses no threat to the community and the case has been taken over by detectives. Needless to say, on Saturday night, I still slept with one eye open.)

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