Don’t forget your garter!

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And so just over a week ago after 8 months of planning we finally said our I do’s and I am now Mrs Ami Streeter! But before I pack away my crazy organising bride hat, I thought I would leave you with some final words of wedding wisdom! So here goes…

The Planning
I’ve huffed and puffed about this before, but the best thing I found when planning our wedding was to treat it in a business like manner. The less emotional you get about things the easier it is to get stuff done.

And just because you’re dealing with people in the wedding industry, don’t necessarily think that they’ll go that extra mile. No-siree. We all remember the catering incident now don’t we! If not you can check it out here.

If you can, Bride’s, take the week off work before the wedding. Who knew there would be so many ‘little things’ that crop up that you a) had forgotten or b) never thought about in the first place! Oh and facials etc, do that the week before the week before!! No, sorry I’m not talking from personal experience, no horror skin stories here!

To have and to hold from this day forward…
ami-john-wedding2 Ah the wedding day! It’s so romantic and full of love, and CRAZY & MANIC AND IF YOU BLINK YOU MIGHT JUST MISS IT!

We had a fantastic day, but when people say enjoy every moment because it goes soooo quickly, believe me, they weren’t joking! Even though you start getting ready so early and it’s a big day, the ACTUAL wedding bit seems to just fly on by!

Some Do’s and Don’ts from the Ami wedding wisdom files:

  • DO remember to eat!
  • DON’T let the weather bother you. Easier said than done I know. Trust me oh how I know! As you can see our ceremony was outdoors. And after a hideous red DUST STORM on the Wednesday before, a hazy Saturday morning of the wedding had me slightly and silently stressed, while Mr Groomy was seriously stressed visiting the ceremony spot every hour to check out the weather and the wind! But thankfully for us all was fine, and even if it hadn’t have been, we had a plan B just in case. ALWAYS have a PLAN B!
  • DO try and pack a little clutch bag that a bridesmaid can look after for you. Ie: lipgloss!
  • DO let the train of your dress drag. Yes you’re wedding dress is going to get SERIOUSLY DIRTY! My daughters of simone wedding dress is now a lovely shade of pinky/red from the dust left over from the dust storm. But if you’re trying to hold your dress up in every photo, you’ll regret it, so trains down ladies!
  • DON’t always stick to tradition if you don’t want to. I had a Man of Honour!! And we had a celebrant do the ‘legal’ bits of the ceremony and John’s brother did the rest of the ceremony or the ‘illegal bits’ as he like to put it!
  • DO make a speech (Bride’s) if you want to. It’s not the 1950’s so ladies if you want to grab the mic and have a chat then off you go!
  • DON’T wear your garter ALL day, unless the idea of some frilly scratchy material on your skin all day is your kinda fun! Keep it in your little clutch bag that your lovely trusty bridesmaid will look after for you and quickly duck into the toilet before the garter throwing and whack it on!
  • DON’T throw your actual bouquet. Make a little fake bunch of flowers, from Spotlight or House & Garden.
  • DON’T laugh too much at your new Husband constantly playing with his new wedding ring! Give it a week and he’ll forget he’s even wearing it!
  • DO have fun with your wedding dance, if you don’t want to be too traditional! Stay tuned for the YouTube video any day now!
  • DO have a bucket load of fun!! Oh and if you plan on busting some moves on the dance floor – make sure you’re shoes are comfy or change into a different pair! Or just whack on a pair of thongs like I did!

The Honeymoon
We decided to have a week off straight after the wedding, just to chill out up North. But many people save their Honeymoon’s until later on when they’ve had a chance to wind down from the craziness of the wedding whirlwind. Either way it’s just all about relaxing!

So now that the Honeymoon is over and we’re back home, we’ll just, well, we’ll just go back to how it was beforehand! Except now we can say Husband and Wife instead of partner, and I have a new name to get used to. And so begins the very long list of places I have to change my name! I have a feeling though that, that could be a whole other Puff Piece!

Oh and just remember, at the end of the day as wonderful as the wedding is, it’s the marriage that counts.

  • Eron Redmayne
    October 6, 2009

    You looked so beautiful babe!
    Congratulations to you – many more happy days to come!!!

  • Fyona
    October 7, 2009

    Ami, firstly let me say, you guys look so happy – congrats! Mwah!!
    …on our wedding day I made a couple of “foolish” decisions.. I let the hairdresser straighten my hair, which was a state of hair my Husband to – be did (and still does not) prefer. He actually looked at me at said “where’s your curls??”
    I stressed out terribly about the rainy weather for the above reason, and also because we were being married in the park at Awaba house! Bring on Plan B – The Conservatory and a wonderful guest arrived with huge market umbrellas to get us there in a semi dry state. My absolute favourite photo is of my bestie and I laughing madly under a huge market umbrella in the pouring rain…all good x

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