Dog mystery solved!

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muffy_the_dogAfter a heated debate over at Mamamia about Kyle & Jackie O, I thought I’d post a nice heartwarming story for a change of pace!

From ninemsn: An emaciated dog rescued from a squalid backyard in Melbourne is set to be reunited with its owners in Brisbane, some nine years after disappearing.

Chloe Rushby, 17, was stunned when the RSPCA called to say her beloved childhood puppy Muffy had been found alive, albeit 2000km away.

“It would be fair to say that they were extremely elated and extremely excited by the call,” RSPCA spokeswoman Gail Coulter told the Herald Sun.

“They were initially shocked and confused, but when we mentioned the name Muffy – which is part of the microchip information – and gave them a description of her, they knew it was their pet lost so many years ago.”

It is still not known how Muffy came to be in Melbourne or where the fluffy white bitser has spent most of the last nine years.

Ms Coulter found the flea-bitten dog sleeping on a filthy piece of cardboard in a Melbourne backyard following an anonymous tipoff.

An allergy to fleas had left the malnourished Muffy with severe dermatitis.

Ms Coulter said Muffy’s story was very unusual.

“The fact that someone went to the trouble of calling in her case as one of neglect probably saved her life,” she said.

“Then the fact that she was microchipped made us realise she had probably come from a very different home and background to the one we found her in.”

Muffy will be flown back to Brisbane next week to be reunited with Chloe.

“It’s unbelievable,” Chloe’s mother Natalie Lampard told TODAY this morning.

“She can’t wait [to have Muffy back].”

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