Does pink stink? I certainly think NOT!

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pinkThis morning on Sunrise, there was a discussion on, wait for it, Does Pink Stink?

Weeeh-hell you can imagine my disgust at the thought of someone ripping off the colour pink. You have taken notice of this website now haven’t you!

You may or may not be shocked to know that as little girl I would not go to preschool unless I was wearing the colour pink. Yes, please cue the violins for my long suffering mum!

I was a girly girl, no question about that, but did wearing pink harm my future. I really doubt it.

So, this UK politician has said that dressing little girls in pink is doing them harm. It teaches them to be pretty and passive and she wants a boycott. Pfft.

Check out the discussion for yourself. Clearly I agree with everything commentator Suzanne Mostyn had to say.

Does Pink Stink Video.

So, were you dressed in pink as little girl, or boy for that matter?! Can wearing a certain colour as a child really do us harm for the rest of our lives?

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