Do you take your baby to work?

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Senator Sarah Hanson-Young & daughter Kora

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young & daughter Kora

If I had a child I certainly wouldn’t be taking them to work, so why should it be any different for a Sentor in Parliament. The story which was on last night’s news and on ninemsn today, told of how the Senator felt so humilated when she had to hand her young daughter to someone while the Parliament took a vote. She has called for better child care for parliamentary members.

I’m sorry but what a joke. Why do these politicians think they are above everybody else. There are thousands of other working mum’s that have to put their child/children into daycare so they can go to work, so why should it be any different in this case.

I understand the child may have been distressed when her mother handed her over to a stranger, but really, Sentor Hanson-Young only has herself to blame for putting her and her daughter in that inappropriate situation.

Clearly I’m not the only one with this view. Ninemsn is currently running a poll on:
Should Politicians be allowed to bring kids to the senate?
Yes: 2,357.

If this is a new trend, maybe I’ll start brining my baby to work. Fur baby that is. Won’t the boss just love that!

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