Disbelief and hope…

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Some days all I can do is shake my head in total disbelief. Disbelief at decisions that are being made by our so called justice system.

It is now well publicised the previous convictions of the man that raped and killed Melbourne woman Jill Meagher. 22 rape convictions, the bashing of a man while out on parole. Parole that he should never have been granted.

Why he was even on our streets in the first place is the million dollar question.

Then his sentence is handed down… Life for murder, with a non parole period of 35 years. 15 years for rape. Sentences to be served concurrently.

His legal team asking the judge to consider allowing the chance of parole for this animal to give him hope in prison because he had led police to Jill’s body and shown genuine remorse.

Seriously? Cry me a river. This man deserves nothing. Absolutely nothing but a miserable existence in a cold and dark cell.

As Tom Meagher, Jill’s husband asked, why didn’t this man get the maximum for rape of 25 years? If the maximum isn’t for this man than who is it for?

As if 22 prior rape convictions isn’t enough.

Then a horrible attack on a woman at Hunters Hill by a man who was on parole after being released from jail after serving 23 years of a 25 year sentence for murder. MURDER. Thank god for a passer by coming to that woman’s aid, otherwise we could have had another innocent woman lose her life at the hands of an evil man who should never have been allowed back on our streets.

The people making these decisions, the parole board, judges, they’re all (supposedly) intelligent people who no doubt get paid an awful lot of money.

But they are letting every one of us down.

Jill Meagher’s family can never get their beloved wife, daughter, sister, friend back. She is gone. Forever. Yet this monster deserves hope? Hope of one day being released back into OUR society? A society that he is not welcome in and has absolutely no place in.

So as we all share in this disbelief and watch the Meagher’s family heartache, we can only hope and pray that all these ‘reviews’ we hear about happen and changes to our justice system are made for the good. For the good of us. Our children, our family, our friends.

Because the only people that deserve hope are the innocent people going about their every day lives. Hope that one day we can live in a society where these animals are locked away and that key is thrown far far away.

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