Did someone ask me to marry them?

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proposalEvery girl dreams of the perfect fairytale romantic proposal. Mine is certainly one I’ll never forget!

It all starts back in December or maybe it was November 2008, anyway about a year ago. I was in Sydney with 2 of my gorgeous girlfriends for a day of shopping and then more importantly the Kylie Concert!

John (other half) was having a day out on the yachts with the cricket boys. So of course beers + cricket boys = drunken boys having a good time at the yacht club after a day’s sailing!

It was approaching late afternoon on the Saturday, the girls and I were hanging out in Sydney and I think it was safe to say the boys back in Newcastle were more than merry. Out of nowhere I started getting some text messages and then phone calls from people offering me congratulations on my engagement. Uh? I thought, what engagement, no one had asked me to marry them.

Then I got a text from one of the boys saying that it was ok, Goldmark was having a sale and he was sure I’d get a nice ring! I laughed about it with the girls and brushed it off as stupid drunk boy talk. Then I got a phone call from John’s best mate in Sydney saying he’d heard through the grapevine we were engaged and congratulations. WTF I thought. Fake news sure does travels fast.

So I sent a few texts to John and he drunkingly laughed it off! I wasn’t convinced about what was going on, but my girlfriends were certainly getting excited for me! Anyway we had a day’s shopping to think about the following day and of course the Kylie concert!

And so the following day we shopped till our feet throbbed and then quickly got over it to sing and dance our way through the fabulous Kylie concert! Did I mention we were going to the Kylie concert!!

Upon our return to Newcastle I asked John the story behind the story!! It turned out he was chatting to the guys and one of them asked about when we were getting married and John replied yeah we’ve talked about and we’ll get married. WELL! Off they went celebrating the ‘engagement announcement’! They headed to the ATM, and then to the bar for the best bottle of champagne they could buy. It was then that I nearly wet my pants with laughter, when John explained that the boys were presented with one of those small little Pink champagne bottles for 1!!!! Their reply: um there’s at least 4 of us! So champagne under control they continued to celebrate into the night our non-existent engagement!

Lucky for John he had been thinking about asking me, and we had talked about it so there was no need for any tantrums. I decided to wait patiently. And if you know me you know how bloody hard that would have been!

engagement_ringAnd so in mid-January John calls me and says he needs to get me from work to go look at something. We rock up at a jeweller in town and he gets me to check the diamond he has chosen and the design (which I had kinda already picked!) DONE! I would have my ring in 2 weeks and we could do all this properly.

I then somehow managed to scam my way into collecting the finished ring with John, but I wasn’t allowed to wear it until we out for dinner that night. So off John went to play cricket after we collected the ring, and he stupidly left the ring sitting on the kitchen bench. So I sat there for most of the day with the ring on finger staring at it and taking photos!

FINALLY, he got home from cricket (ring was placed back in box before hand of course!) and we got ready and headed out for dinner. We walked over and sat on the water’s edge on the harbor, and John said: “I’d get down on one knee, but I’m really sore from cricket”! I’m pretty sure I laughed and cried, just give me the ring!

And that was my proposal! And as they say, the rest is history!

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  • Ben
    December 7, 2009

    Well readers as one of the three drunken culprits for this engagement, i am able to fill in a few more gaps.

    When we jumped up to go to the bar for celebratery Champagne, two of us went,as we figured we were at a yacht club, and we would probably max out at least one credit card on a a bottle of bolinger or verve cliquoe and need a back. As Ami explained we were first offered a small bottle of yellow and then on the second atempt and request for their mostr expensive bottle of champagne we were offered a bottle (cant remember the name) that when we gave them a twenty dollar note, there was a ten dollar note contained within the change. :Hey big spender!” hahaha
    The look on Ami’s other halfs face was priceless. It actually would have made great mastercard add.

    Day on the boat with the cricket boys. $20.00
    Afternoon, dinking in the yacht club. $50.00
    Bottle of Champagne. $7.65
    Look on Mr Ami’s face when his friends proposed to his now wife for him. PRICELESS!!

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