Dear TV, maybe I’m just not that into you?

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How much TV do you watch?

Turn the clock back about 12-14 years and I was a teenager who was quite obsessed with TV. In the school holidays I was allowed to watch Neighbours AND Home and Away, but come term time at the start of each year, I had to pick just one. Most years I stuck with Home and Away.

I loved The Nanny on early Sunday night, Mum and I would often watch The Bill together, and I remember way back when loving the show Birds of a Feather! If you were looking for me after school at about 4.30pm you’d find me on the couch having a date with Ridge and Brooke. Yes, I became slightly obsessed with The Bold and the Beautiful.

You could easily say that I loved my TV, and I always had my shows. If I was ever going to miss one of my shows I set a tape and make sure I caught up on all the action before the next episode.

Then today when I received the updated TV programming from the local stations (for media buying), I realised that I’d missed something that I wanted to watch last night. I also realised I’d missed the first week too. Then I remembered what happened last Tuesday night: After sitting on the couch watching NCIS for a good half hour, I got bored went to bed, flicked on the TV luckily on Prime (Channel 7) to see Grey’s Anatomy, one of my ALL time favourite shows and I had FORGOTTEN it was on. How the hell did this happen.

So after pondering all of this for a little while I thought, you know what? TV, maybe I’m just not that into you anymore. I don’t get totally devastated when I miss one of my shows, I just get a little upset. Which for some reason I’m finding a little bit weird. Thankfully I’ve still managed to catch all the Brothers and Sisters shows so far.

What are your TV viewing habits like? Do you have your FAVOURITE shows that you manage not to miss? Or, are you really just not that into TV?

  • Jane
    February 15, 2010

    I try to watch the Biggest Loser as often as possible, but as its on 6 nights a week, I usually miss a fair few episodes.

    Packed to the Rafters starts again soon. That is the ONE show that I will NOT miss. Without fail.

    Most of the time, I just flick through the channels and settle on whatever looks the least shit!


  • Megan @ Writing Out Loud
    February 15, 2010

    I am so over TV. Like you, Ami, I used to have all my fave shows that I couldn’t miss, but now I’m unlikely to even watch an hour a week. There is just nothing of any interest on anymore.

    PS – well done with your saving! Sounds like you have an amazing trip planned!

  • Thea
    February 15, 2010

    Same as Jane I cannot miss Rafters!
    And I get addicted to all the best (worst) reality shows.
    I used to love a good drama or comedy but never watch anything like that anymore, maybe there are no good ones left.
    I spend all my TV watching time on Twitter or blogs. :)

  • Kylie L
    February 16, 2010

    I barely watch TV either- there are just too many good books to read instead! The shows I can’t miss though are Media Watch and usually 4 Corners, and also The Wire (currently on ABC2). Got addicted to this incredible series late last year and now it has me in its claws… My hsuband has restricted us to one episode a week to try and make it last!

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    February 16, 2010

    Sounds exactly like me. I watch so little tv these days, I think it was last week I was tweeting how great it was the Bros & Sis was back…and, ah, it had actually been back for a week already!

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