Dear Puff Pieces

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Dear Puff Pieces

Dear Puff Pieces,

I feel I have been neglecting you of late, so I thought I would write you a little note to let you know what has been happening.

So what has been happening? Well that’s a really good question. In a way quite a bit, and in a way not much really! Here are a few things in no particular order as to why you may be feeling unloved of late.

  • My brain is seriously consumed with all things baby. Most of the time therefore spent on the computer is looking at baby stuff. (Hello eBay, I love you).
  • I’ve been ‘working’ from home. This has been slightly harder than I expected to get into full swing. See previous point. But I’m slowly getting through the work before bub arrives!
  • Nesting, nesting, nesting. Everytime I sit down at the computer I look around and get fixated on another cupboard that I could be cleaning out. My thinking here is that I should clean before blog while I can still move around relatively easy!
  • We got Foxtel. Yes I’m sorry my lovely pretty pink blog, I have been neglecting you to watch crazy American teenage mums, and Bridezilla’s lose the plot instead of devoting time to you and thinking of clever and witty things to share with the world.

So there you have it, my excuses. Can you forgive me? I do promise to type all my travel stories before bub arrives, because after bub arrives, Lord knows I’ll have a whole other list of excuses for neglecting you. And yes I’m afraid, the list will still probably contain Foxtel, unless of course the novelty has worn off by then. Oh, yes and the fact that I’ll be a first time mum.

Thanks for your understanding Puff Pieces.

Your neglectful owner,

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  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    July 19, 2010

    Not to worry hon. It’s an exciting time having a baby, and I remember my brain being completely clogged with all things baby and pregnancy. Enjoy!

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