Day 8: Beauty Week!

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Day 8!

Day 8, week 2 and it’s time to kick off Beauty Week!!

Ok, so the clothes first… It’s COLD here today and my feet are feeling like little blocks of ice! After kid wrangling 3 moo’s at the supermarket yesterday and navigating a trolley with the 3 crazies in it, I’ve managed to hurt the side of my foot. So short of getting around in comfy slippers all day, I’ve turned to my trusty Rockport shoes I bought when I was pregnant. Comfy, supportive, yet not a Nanna-style in sight!!!

Jeans, a fave Ezibuy jumper and mixing it up by combining spots and stripes with a scarf my mum bought me overseas…! Apparently (according to my mum) combining spots and stripes are all the rage these days! And mum’s are always right aren’t they?!

Now on to Beauty Week!!

As a Beauty Therapist in a previous life I’m a sucker for a good beauty product or two, and when I find a good one I like to share it around! A few months ago, after hearing of this product ‘Norwex‘ from my online mums group I decided to give their cleaning cloths a go. I’m not adverse to using chemicals around the house when needed, but if it’s not necessary to expose my kids or dog to them then I’m more than happy to try the alternative!

So after falling in love with all cleaning things Norwex, I discovered they also did beauty products! When I was pregnant with bub #3, my skin decided it no longer liked the brand I’d been using for a couple of years and I had to resort to using cheap supermarket stuff to get me through. I’d been on the lookout ever since to try something new but was reluctant that my sensitive skin would react again. Knowing the site has products of reducing chemicals, I decided to give their Day Cream a go.

Well! My skin soaked it in and loved it! I breathed a sigh of relief and set out to find what else I could use from this amazing range! I’m now hooked.

And lucky for you, I have 2 products to give away from the amazing Norwex range, thanks to the amazing lady Sharee, who first introduced me to Norwex!

Norwex Body Cloths

Norwex Body Cloths

Here are the products… See entry details after prize descriptions!

BODY CLOTHS – exclusive colours!

Pack of 3 cloths. Use to remove makeup, clean and lightly exfoliate the skin.

Can also be used on dry and sensitive skin.


A particularly active scrub to moisturise and exfoliate the skin. Contains 26 minerals and leaves your skin feeling amazing!

Norwex Olive Oil Salt Scrub

Norwex Olive Oil Salt Scrub

The benefits are amazing: Thoroughly cleans and unclogs pores, allowing skin to breathe more easily. Stimulates blood circulation and removes daily toxins from your skin. Helps alleviate psoriasis and eczema with deep moisturising of the skin. Removes dull, dead skin cells to reveal a youthful skin layer.

ENTRY DETAILS: To enter, simply leave a comment telling me the one beauty product you couldn’t live without! The winner will be chosen by Entries close Thursday 10th September at 9am and the winners will be announced shortly after. There will be 2 winners, 1 per prize. Please note this competition is open to Australian Residents only.

To learn more about Norwex you can contact the lovely Sharee on the details below.

Sharee Lockhart, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Please note, all products discussed I have purchased myself, and all opinions expressed are my own. The prize products have been generously donated by Sharee Lockhart, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.

  • Anne
    September 8, 2015

    I love a nice soothing eye cream.

  • Mel Coleborn
    September 8, 2015

    Aveeno hand cream! I am addicted to hand cream, have been for years! I go through a tube a fortnight… Can’t stand dry hands, its my “nails-on-a-chalkboard”!

  • Alissa
    September 8, 2015

    I’ve recently swapped to sukin skin range for the reason they have less chemicals and I’ve found it gentle on my skin. But I do love a good eye cream. I just need to find one.

  • Meika O'connell
    September 8, 2015

    One product I couldn’t live without is a good face wash I find that it’s hard to find one that works well with my skin and so when I find one I stay put

  • Lianty
    September 8, 2015

    My skin wouldn’t manage without rosehip oil.

  • Pip
    September 9, 2015

    BB cream to cover everything up before I run out the door…

  • Jen B
    September 9, 2015

    Such a tough question! As an ‘outdoorsy type’ to finally say moisturiser

  • Emily
    September 10, 2015

    Can’t live without my moisturiser. Feel naked without it.

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