Day 8 and Day 9

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So only 8 days into the challenge and I already dropped the ball! A snuffly miserable baby, a snuffly miserable me, and the Kylie Concert (!!!!) left me with no time to get my photo shite together. So without further ado here are Day 8 and Day 9 of a photo a day.

Day 8: A bad habit.

A bad habit… Gosh where to start. I could have taken a picture of all the dirty dinner dishes on the sink the next morning, except my Mum cleaned up last night. I could have taken a photo of me sitting here with tissues stuck up nose which is what I do when it just won’t stop bloody running, but I wouldn’t want to scare you. And I could have taken a picture of me eating while cooking.

But I decided to take a pic that required me literally not having to move off the couch (another bad habit!) It’s a seasonal one. Which I’m actually going to blame hubby for. I have a very bad habit of just putting the fire on instead of another jumper. But with a little bubba who’s sick at the moment, we need a warm house! And hubby has been the one suggesting the early morning blast of warmth, which I seem to forget to turn off! Big gas bill anyone…

So toasty and warm...

Day 9: Someone you love.

Of course I was always going to take another photo of Miss Sophie. xx

Love you my moo moo xx

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