Day 4: The perfect poncho

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Day 4: The perfect poncho

Day 4: The perfect poncho

Day 4 and spring is not living up to its end of the weather bargain. So I thought why not bring out one of my fave purchases from this winter, a poncho. I searched for a while and found this one online at Ezibuy. It’s super comfy, and doesn’t get in the way when you still have to kid wrangle and wash up! You can check it out HERE.

Jeans are from Katies are few months back and are the first pair of non maternity jeans I’ve bought in a while.

Boots are from Ezibuy too. Under top was a great $10 buy from Kmart which I’m sure will be on show if the weather warms up!

Enjoy your day!

Please note this is not a sponsored post.

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