Day 23: Sneaky purchases

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Day 23

Day 23

Day 23, and it is sooooo cold, wet and downright miserable!

On the weekend I may have made a couple of sneaky Country Road purchases. Well they did have a sale on!

I bought this jumper I’m wearing today thinking it would be great for next winter. Apparently the weather thought it would come in handy now!

Also wearing fave Maternal America jeans and Rockport shoes.

Comfort all the way today.

New Country Road dress

New Country Road dress

And I may have also bought a dress I’ve had my eye on!

When I tried it on, it was a slightly different cut to what I was expecting and hugged around my bum a bit, BUT not the mummy tummy.

So I declared it a winner for the warmer weather that I’m desperately hoping will grace us with its presence ASAP!

See you tomorrow.

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