Day 15: Hairdresser Tuesday!

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Day 15!

Day 15!

It’s hairdresser Tuesday! Which isn’t a thing at all, but it’s Tuesday and I’m going to the hairdresser this afternoon and as usual I’m just a tad excited!

Forget Disneyland, this is my happiest place on earth! If you haven’t got the gist I LOVE getting my hair done!

When I win lotto or become a rich world famous blogger, the first thing I’m going to do is employ a full time hairdresser so I can have fabulous hair every day.

That really is my ultimate goal in life. Yes I am completely shallow like that.

So, it’s me, a new colour and 2-3 hours of kid free time. Woohoo!!

Oh and today’s clothes! It’s meant to be a hot one. What a great excuse to wear some new shorts! (Pasty white legs and all eeeekkkk! Might be time to get out the fake tan!)

Wearing Black Country Road shorts and navy t-shirt, both purchased on Sunday’s shopping trip.

Slides are from Nine West, and necklace from DribbleGems. (Stay tuned tomorrow for a special giveaway!)

Enjoy the sunshine!

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