Coz we are living in an online world, and I am online girl.

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Sorry just channeling a bit of Madonna and material girl there.

baby_on_computerSo, I’ve written a few times about Generation Y and people’s perceptions, opinions, and generalisations, most of which I have disagreed with. But today, low and behold I’m going to babble on for a bit on a Gen Y ‘trait’ that I actually agree with and can totally relate to.

No, it’s not walking around saying ‘fully sick’, but living my life online. I have no trouble in putting my hand up and saying I don’t think I would survive without my computer, or my iPhone now for that matter.

I email clients instead of calling them, I text my friends and family instead of calling them, and when my mobile rings, I barley recognise my own ringtone. Why? Because I tend to use my iPhone more as a computer than a phone!

I sit at my computer for 8 hours a day at work, I have my email open, client documents open, and the Internet open with about, oh you know 13 different tabs. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, here of course is my blog. I comment on other blogs, I read the news online. A newspaper? What is that?! Yes, I am without a doubt an online Gen Y kinda girl.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’m tech-savvy and up on all the widget and wiki jargon, but I can find my way around most things digital and like most of our generation it’s all about trial and error. You try something and if it doesn’t work you hit undo and try something else. Something I think older generations tend not to do. Or oops was that too much of a generalisation!

Anyway, so for all the bagging that Gen Y cops, you know those great phrases like “Oh I don’t know the youth of today and all their fancy gadgets”, I’m proud to be part of the Gen Y online kids and wonder what life is like without constant communication?

Maybe it’s boring? Or maybe we’ve all got the wrong idea and it’s quite peaceful!

Anyway, I’m off to tweet, facebook, google and whatever else it is that we Gen Y’s do all day!

  • Ben
    August 17, 2009

    For me the online median takes a lot of confrontation out of comuincation. It allows me to think about a response without reacting impulsively, or emotively in a business situation. And this has been great for my business, however what i have found is that it also takes a lot of the personality away from more personal conversations. Subtlties can be missed that change the whole meening of a conversation. So for me in some respects i would miss it if i didn’t have but in others i wouldn’t :)

  • Sam
    August 20, 2009

    I was actually thinking about this the other day – the way we Gen Y communicate like this and the effect it has on dating/picking up…

    i realise that i dont know many situations where a guy or girl actually calls someone when they get their number…most of the time even when you meet up for the first date you’ve only texted and never had an actual phone conversation with the other person!

    just made me wonder what people did before mobile phones when a guy (or girl) actually had to pluck up the courage to call the other person and have a real-time conversation (not spend 40 minutes crafting the perfect witty text with 3 mates around to help!)

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