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No 2 pregnancies are the same. This may seem like an ‘um yeah’ statement but it wasn’t until yesterday that I fully realised it. All through this pregnancy I’ve compared everything to my first one. How sick I was at the beginning, how I’m carrying the baby, how many stretch marks I’ve got, and when I would go into labour.

A lot of my comparisons were trying to guess if it was a girl or a boy. That we still don’t know, and as a friend pointed out the other day, she had 3 very different pregnancies and had 3 boys!

So when I started having contractions around every 10 minutes the other night I assumed I was in labour, it would progress like it did with Sophie, we’d go to the hospital and I’d finally get this baby out! Well. No such luck was had. After 3.5 hours of contractions it all fizzled out. To nothing. I was bummed to say the least.

Then at my Obstetrician check up yesterday he burst my going into labour any day now bubble even further informing me that the baby hadn’t even engaged.

What?! Oh and more false starts could be had, and the baby is face up (posterior) making it hard for it to get into the engaged position.

My response ‘but I didn’t have any of this with Sophie’. My docs response, ‘No 2 pregnancies are ever the same’.

That I now appreciate! So as the days drag on I am willing this not so little bundle of joy to roll over face the right way and make its way in the right direction so we can finally meet him or her! And with no induction spots available until next weekend (unless someone has their baby early and I can have their spot) the thought of being pregnant for one more whole week is enough for me to contemplate eating a handful of chilli’s.

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  • Kate Streeter
    October 5, 2012

    Don’t worry about not engaging. I saw the ob the day I ended up going into labour and he assured me nothing was going to happen soon as she hadn’t engaged. My waters broke that night and Genevieve was born the next day….Fingers crossed your bub turns quick smart and gets out. The suspense is killing me too!!

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