• I heart Frankie

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    If I was going to have another baby, I’d have a girl, and her name would be Frankie. Given that a fourth child is NEVER happening for us, I’ve bought a little Frankie into my life another way.

    I’m always complaining of sore feet. I’m on them all day. Washing up. Making little people food. Standing up eating at the bench. Hanging out washing. And then there’s the school pick up. Our new routine. It’s a big school. K-12. That’s a lot of cars picking up lots of kids. Which means to get a park near the school you need to arrive ridiculously early!

    And so the walk to the school, 5 days a week, has had my little feet aching more than usual. I know, cry me a river. But when you spend all your time in stupidly flat thongs, I’ve really got no one to blame but myself.

    If only I got to put my feet up all the time!!

    If only I got to put my feet up all the time!!

    Enter Frankie into my life. Frankie4 Footwear that is. OMG. I’ve been eyeing these shoes off for months and months, reading others reviews and raving about them. And now I know why. Goodness, gracious me, are these Frankie’s comfortable!

    I was originally going to get some sandals but the local podiatrist that stocks the brand only had shoes. And apparently comfy lace up shoes can be worn with shorts these days! Styling You and BabyMac say so, so it must be ok!

    And so I’m now the proud owner of a pair of ELLiE’s!

    I’m still contemplating a pair of sandals, if only I could choose which ones!!!!!

    Honestly though, if you’re a busy mum, or just on your feet all the time and would rather stay in your slippers all day… Well these shoes are for you!!

    For all the info and technical stuff behind the shoes you can check out their website HERE.

    This is NOT a sponsored post, more a community service announcement.

    You’re welcome. xx

  • It’s ok to be sad.

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    {Image Source}

    {Image Source}

    I’ve written this post over and over in my head. Wondering if I said it out loud, wrote it down, would it make me feel worse, more guilty, or make me feel better?

    Well there’s only one way to find out, so here goes.

    I’ve been wondering, pondering if you will, what it would be like to answer someone’s polite question with an answer they weren’t expecting. An honest, heartfelt answer that you don’t tend to drop into everyday convo.

    “How was your Christmas?”

    “Oh it was lovely! Busy of course with the kids, and traveling, but so nice to see everyone.”

    You know, it was nice to see everyone. And I’m so thankful that we have families who care, and go to a lot of trouble to get together and make delicious food (my sister in law makes the best stuff at Christmas!).

    But deep down, I didn’t enjoy Christmas. I didn’t enjoy any of the time off my husband had. And right now I’m not really enjoying life.

    And at the heart of all this… I’m tired. I’m really fucking desperately, eyes hanging out of my head tired.

    I don’t want to be told that this too shall pass. I don’t want to be told oh it’s just a phase.

    I want to be told that it’s ok that I wasn’t jumping out of my skin happy during the festive season. I want to be told that it’s ok to be sad. I want to be told that sometimes life is shit. And that it doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for my family or what we have. It just means that my 1 year old won’t bloody sleep and it’s really affecting our lives at the moment.

    I feel like a failure. I feel like a shit mum. I feel like I just want to curl up in a ball and have a really big fucking cry. And some bloody sleep.

    The other night when I was putting Harry (the 1 year old that doesn’t sleep) to bed, I was holding him after his bottle. His head resting on my shoulder and his little arms wrapped around me. I started to cry. His chubby little hands started to pat me. Then he lifted his head, placed his hand on my cheek and rubbed his nose on mine and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    In that very moment everything was ok, and nothing else mattered.

    And in the end everything will be ok. We don’t all always enjoy our ‘jobs’ all of the time. And there is no more demanding, yet rewarding job than being a parent.

    So how do I feel after getting it out of my head? Still tired. Still sad. But I do know that it’s not forever.

    It won’t be long before it’s me dragging the little darlings out of bed.

  • Dear Sophie…

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    To my dearest Sophie Grace,

    Welcome to the world Sophie Grace!

    Welcome to the world Sophie Grace!

    It seems like only yesterday that I met your chubby little face for the first time, and we went from being a couple to a little family.

    And now here we are, in just a matter of weeks, you’ll be starting big school.

    BIG SCHOOL! I still can’t quite believe it.

    Each night as I tip toe down the hall and check on everyone before I go to bed, I kiss your gorgeous little face, still so young and innocent and realise we’re another day closer to your big first day.

    I know that you are more than ready to embark on this next exciting chapter of your little life.

    So many new things to learn, so many new people to meet, and so many new friends to make.

    You really are going to LOVE school! I can just feel it in my bones.

    First day of preschool!

    First day of preschool!

    And so here we are, with just one more week of preschool left.

    I’ll never forget your first day. This wide eyed gorgeous kid, with curly locks and beautiful little round face.

    You started to cry, and Nadine scooped you up for a hug. I held it together, held it together, held it together, reached the gate, and burst into tears.

    I cried the whole way home, and spent the day counting down the hours, minutes, until it was time to collect you!

    It’s hard to believe that was nearly 3 years ago.

    I am so proud of the sweet, kind, funny and all round spectacular little human being that you are growing into.

    So grown up!

    So grown up!


    And I’m so proud to be your mum.

    So go get ‘em Soph. What an exciting new chapter we’re all about to begin.

    I love you.

    Mum xx