Book Review: ‘Playing the Field’

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Playing the Field

I’ve never been much of a reader, despite the great efforts of my mum and Nonna when I was younger. But when faced with over 20 hours of airplanes or a week of ‘relaxing’ I’m always convinced to grab a novel.

I was first introduced to Zoe Foster’s writing via her blog, PRIMPED. So at the airport before our flight to our honeymoon, I saw ‘Air Kisses’ by Zoe Foster on the shelf and grabbed it. And loved it! You can read my review HERE.

So when I saw Zoe’s next book ‘Playing the Field’ on the shelf at Sydney airport before a 14 hour flight and 8 hour flight to Europe I grabbed it with both hands!

Playing the Field follows a WAG’s journey from shy new girlfriend of a football star to becoming engrossed in the lifestyle. Zoe’s quick wit comes through in her writing making it a very easy and enjoyable read.

There are plenty laugh out loud moments, and quite a few moments where I stopped and thought, Mmmm I wonder if that actually did happen! Zoe’s insight into WAG’s is first hand, as she is the former girlfriend of rugby league star, Craig Wing.

Up the Duff

So after I’d giggled and hmmmed my way through the book, hubby decided to read it to! And he actually quite enjoyed it.

Now I’m back to reading ‘Up the Duff’ by Kaz Cooke.

Of course entirely pregnancy and baby related, but seriously funny! It’s been great to be able to read that usually all of the things you experience through pregnancy are completely normal!

What are you reading at the moment?

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