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When I started this blog some 3 years ago it was all about the writing. Opinions, venting, ranting, using it as my therapy.

Then Sophie came along and posts started to become less. But in between all that I started getting product review offers. As I’ve mentioned before, most bloggers blog for love and not money. So why shouldn’t we enjoy a few goodies here and there.

Then I started to find that because I’d made a commitment to review a product or event they started to become the majority of my posts.

So after I was contacted twice in the last couple of weeks to become involved in a new parenting app and another children’s stage show, I decided to have a good think about it, instead of saying yes straight away.

I decided that I needed to get back to basics. Use the time I was using to write product reviews to write about the stuff I used to. More life stuff, kid stuff, mummy stuff.

And with spare time about to become even more non existent (more on that soon) it’s time to keep it simple and just get back to writing.

It doesn’t mean I’ll be updating the blog as much as I’d like, but I’m hoping to write more than I have been.

And a little thanks to Jodie for getting me thinking. xx

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