Baby names, baby bedrooms and baby brain.

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Here’s my recent post that appeared on Early Childhood Resources.

I always knew men and women were different and I of course don’t just mean physically! But it wasn’t until I fell pregnant and our journey to parenthood began that I realised just how far apart my thinking was from my husband’s.

Or should that be how far HIS thinking was from mine!

Instantly there was a mummy organisation switch flicked in my brain and I wanted to talk baby names, baby furniture, wall colours, wall stickers, different nursery themes, you know all the usual baby stuff.

In the beginning hubby indulged me with the baby name talk until I got frustrated at his constant reply of no and his lack of input, which I’m convinced was just a tactic to shut me up.

But when it came to the nursery he put his foot down early and said I wasn’t to go nursery shopping until after 20 weeks. Ok, so I admit wanting to deck out the nursery at 7 weeks was a tad early and hubby was just trying to be sensible. Or should I say trying to get me to be sensible. Plus we were heading overseas for 8 weeks.

So of course the minute we arrived back in Oz, I was 23 weeks, we went furniture shopping. To my surprise we agreed on everything!

But what we didn’t agree on was the decorating part. Hubby saw no need for a feature wall or any paint of any description (the room is all white). He also saw no need for any wall stickers.

‘Why ruin a perfectly good bedroom for a tiny baby who isn’t even going to know what is in its room’ said my darling husband.

Followed by ‘decorating the nursery is not for the baby at all, it’s purely for the mum’!

Well whaddya know something we actually agree on! Yes decorating the nursery may be for the mum, but who cares! It’s all part of the journey.

Thankfully we agreed on a Peter Rabbit ‘theme’ and the room does look lovely and simple, with Peter Rabbit pictures on the wall (I was allowed to put holes in the wall!), the complete set of Peter Rabbit books, toys and linen.

Our next male/female clash was the good old debate over baby brain. Yep you probably guessed it, hubby decided that it didn’t exist.

‘Doesn’t exist my arse’ I do believe was my response after I found myself unable to leave the house without a list of what I had to do and where I was going, otherwise I’d be driving aimlessly around Newcastle.

So the baby brain debate continued until hubby could no longer deny what he had been witnessing with his own two eyes and listening to with his own two ears.

I was literally unable to choose a bottle of orange juice in the supermarket the other day while hubby impatiently help up a check-out.

I was apparently driving like a ‘nanna’ in my own little world but hubby didn’t dare say anything at the time.

And the final straw came when I swear hubby accused me of using his deodorant and asked me to buy him some more when I was at the supermarket next. Apparently he said shower gel not deodorant and after much arguing he declared my brain had gone to mush and I was suffering from none other than baby brain!

Horray, something we finally agreed on!

But despite our opposite ends of the baby thinking, the nursery does look lovely, we finally agree that baby brain exists, and we’ve narrowed our names down to 1 girl’s name and 2 boys names. Clearly all he needed was a bit of time!

Now. I wonder how much time it will take me to convince him that I need a ‘push present’?!

  • Another Amy
    October 15, 2010

    Hey Ami, they did a study that said the same hormones that are present in people with Alzeihmers are also present in pregnant women! Tell your hubby that one!

  • hetal
    March 29, 2012

    Hey Ami,

    You had me rolling with laughter on this one! i could not agree more on the comments that you have made :) but i am sure the day he held the baby in his hands it must have changed his world of baby brain ;) !!

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