Baby Bonding

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How could you not want to talk to this beautiful face?!

Even before your baby is born there’s quite a bit of bonding going on, and I’m not talking about with your baby. It’s with complete strangers. Yep people you’ve never met or people you’ve never talked to, or more specifically people that have never talked to you.

From about 14-22 weeks we were overseas travelling around Europe. My little baby bump was often a topic of conversation, but I wondered if it was also because we were tourists. But then when we got back to Oz it appeared that the random baby talk had nothing to do with being an Aussie in Europe!

By the time we recovered from our trip and got back to normal I was about 25 weeks and walking around Officeworks one day. A lady smiled at me. Now I’m 110% sure it was a smile at my baby bump. Had I not been pregnant she would have just walked straight past. Every time I did the groceries the checkout chicks and even the guys would ask how far along I was, did I know what flavour we were having and was it my first bub.

Some would then tell me how many kids they had. One even proceeded to tell me when I was about 8 months pregnant about her dramatic emergency c-section. I filed that under things I’d rather not know from a complete stranger.

Then once bub comes along… Well it only increases! Of course when you’ve got a little newbie anyone and everyone wants to know how old, ‘oh isn’t she cute’, cue all the aaaawwwww’s! But lately. Lately. Oh my goodness. Last week I was in the Good Guys buying my Nonna a coffee machine. While chatting to one of the guys that worked there another employee came up to me and said “Sorry to interrupt but your daughter has the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen”! This from a man in his 50’s gooing and gaaing over a baby!

Then not 5 minutes later while I was waiting for the final price on the coffee machine, another man came up to me, probably in his 50’s too and exclaimed to Sophie, “Well aren’t you just a big bundle of cuteness”! He looked at me and said don’t worry I’m a photographer and I can spot a gorgeous kid a mile away. He then proceeded to have a lovely chat with Sophie who of course put on that gorgeous smile and made all the right cute baby noises!

I can only imagine it’s going to get worse, but in a good way, as Sophie starts to talk and no doubt make herself the centre of attention, especially when sitting up in the trolley at the supermarket like Queen Sophie!

How did you find random baby bonding when you were pregnant? Does it still happen now with your kids? Or are you one of the random’s chatting to all the expectant and new mum’s?!!

  • Jane
    May 19, 2011

    Yep, I’m one of the randoms. But only in semi-acceptable situations, like when I’m working at the gym and someone comes in to ask about gym membership and they happen to have a baby with them, I start with the “aww, he/she is so cute! How old is he/she? Did I mention how cute he/she is??” There’s no WAY would I smile at a lady’s baby bump… or would I? Great post xxx

  • Shelley
    May 19, 2011

    I’ve actually loved all the chats that I’ve had with people from pregnancy through to now Miss A is 18 months old, and the fact that I look after another little boy all day makes people always come up to the double pram and ask if they’re twins. Little people definitely bring out the best in people! :) xx

  • Megan @ Writing Out Loud
    May 19, 2011

    Yep! People love stopping and chatting to A, or chatting with her – and she adores the attention!

    Sophie is so cute – that smile is infectious!

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