Australian’s always win everything. Right?

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aussie-girlsApparently, wrong! So I was sitting on the couch last night on a high from Julie’s win on MasterChef and John flicked back to the cricket. Australia wasn’t doing so well. And honestly I was shocked. Shocked I tell you, totally shocked. Got it, I was shocked! Now I must admit that I don’t follow Aussie sport as much as I used to. Gone are the days of school & Uni holidays when all we did was lounge around and watch tennis & cricket. Unfortunately I had to grow up and get a full time job.

Anyway, back in the day, the good old days of lots of holiday’s days, Australia without a doubt always won everything. The cricket, from one dayer’s, to tests. The swimming, Rugby Union. We even had good old Lleyton flying the Aussie flag at the tennis. C’mon!

So now when Australia doesn’t seem to be doing well in a sport I am totally unbelievably unashamedly GOBSMACKED! What has happened to our Nation’s sporting greats. Are we just not as good as we used to be or are other countries just catching up?

Is it my Gen Y age that means I grew up with the greats that can’t be matched such as Adam Gilchrist, Steve Waugh, Susie O’Neill and Ian Thorpe. Or is it my Gen Y attitude, an arrogance that has made me think this way? Either way the Aussie’s are doing crap in the cricket and frankly I don’t like it!

So all together now. C’mon Aussie, C’mon, C’mon!

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