Are you where you thought you’d be in 5 years time?

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juggling_momI am clucky. Unashamedly wanting to get knocked up, have a baby, and be a mum. I’m 25 and about to get married and while I’ve wanted, really wanted, a baby for about the last 6 months, I’m still a little surprised. Why? Well I’m glad you asked.

You see 5 years ago, even 3 years ago if someone told me I’d be getting married at 25 and wanting a baby STRAIGHT AWAY, I would have laughed. Then I would have laughed some more. I wasn’t even contemplating kids before 30. Right. RIGHT!

Well, when I decided to go to Uni, after studying elsewhere for 2 years after leaving school, I was on a mission. I wanted to be a Beauty Editor. I’d studied Beauty Therapy and I loved to write. Match made in heaven right. But when I struggled with my first year journalism tutor, I also picked up some PR subjects as well. Then in my 2nd year of Uni I had a wonderful PR tutor who told us that in some of the big PR jobs in Sydney you could earn around $250k a year.

Yep, that’s what I was going to earn. A massive big chunk of cash every year for writing fluff! There was only one problem, I didn’t really want to move back to Sydney! So anyway, I half heartedly worked my butt off during Uni (I phased in and out of caring) and ended up as the marketing chick for a Hunter Valley golf resort. Great job straight of Uni. And that’s where I stayed for about 2 years.

I got comfortable and forgot about my insane drive to earn $250k a year! Eventually I got sick of being frustrated with the people I worked for and fighting for a half decent wage – well actually just the minimum for a manager and decided to start my own freelancing business. Through this I was then offered my current full time role after about 6 months working for myself.

So now that you’ve got all that very interesting background info, I sit here and feel strangely ok that many early career goals were never kicked. I never did quite make it into magazines – but then again I never really tried, except for some work experience applications, but what girl hasn’t applied to do work experience at a mag?! I never landed a big full time PR job – my golf resort role was predominately marketing, and over the past 6 or so years I really haven’t done much writing, except for those lovely Uni essays.

Thankfully now I have my pretty pink blog. God bless the online digital world, technology stuff!

So anyway. If you looked back 5 or 10 years ago are you where you thought you’d be?

I’m certainly not, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • FiveThumbsDown
    September 7, 2009

    5 years ago I was unemployed, single and a struggling university student living in a leaky Newcastle apartment next door to a strip club that reeked of urine.

    I’m pretty sure I was rather cynical about the whole ordeal, never seeing myself in a better situation than the one I was in.

    But 5 years on, I’m a married university graduate working a fantastic job in Sydney, living in one of Newcastle’s better suburbs.

    10 years ago I wanted to be a wrestler, so that doesn’t count.

  • Fyona
    September 7, 2009

    In hindsight I don’t feel that my life really started until the day Ruby came along…nothing gives you more purpose than your very own person to raise and to guide through life:)
    I feel that I have been to Hell and back in the past 18 months but the innocence of my Daughter’s view on life and the simplicity of our Family’s love has made all the other bad stuff fade into insignificance…. 5 years ago I thought I would have sold the business and be semi retired… but now we are starting all over again…oh well, another adventure!

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