Are we becoming a bunch of whingers?

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little-girl-cryingSo last week we discussed the issue of trust and how in today’s society it’s sad that it’s becoming the norm not to take people’s word when they say they will do something at a certain time. You can read about that here.

So following on from that, yesterday my other half was once again chasing up our wardrobe company who were still yet to deliver 2 remaining doors. Once again I was faced with the feeling of ‘yeah right’ when they said they’d be delivering them today. It took many phone calls and was bordering on a massive whinge from us that a) no one had got back to us and b) it had been nearly a week.

So my question today is do you think that our lack of trust in society is making us all a pack of whingers? Unfortunately I have to answer a big fat yes! Not only is people letting you down frustrating, but I find myself always voicing my disapproval which really is just having a big whinge.

The old saying you get more with honey than you do vinegar is so true, but that doesn’t stop us (well me anyway) having a nice whinge in the comfort of my own home.

So what do you think? Are we become a whinging society? Do you whinge to people that have let you down, or do you grin and bear it in public and confine your whining to the comfort of your own home?

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