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Sometimes I wish I had an anonymous blog. One where nobody knew who I was and I could write as freely as my little heart desires.

You may have noticed that over the last year or so posts have become few and far between. Time is a factor, as any new mum will say, sleep, eating and a shower comes before blogging in your ‘spare time’. But then there’s also the issue of topics. When I write I’m always cautious not to offend anyone. A differing of opinion is fine, but I would never want to intentionally offend someone. Especially someone that I knew.

And there lies my problemo. Off the top of my head I could think of maybe 10 topics that would make great posts. So why don’t I write about them? Because I feel that I can’t, and probably shouldn’t. Well not on such an open blog anyway. One where people know who I am. One that family and friends read, who could think, hmmm is she talking about me?

I’d love to blog about friendships. The good and the bad. Relationships, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And so much more. But they’re not all my stories to tell. Well not so publicly anyway. I’d love to tell you what a bunch of morons a certain organisation are. I’d love to be able to write about a heartbreaking illness. One that far too many people can relate to. But it wouldn’t be right.

Blogging/writing has always been my therapy. It makes me feel better to bash on the keyword and write things down. So for many of these topics and posts, they will remain drafts. Drafts in the safety of the flipside of my website and some drafts in the safety of my head, as I daren’t write them down.

Are you a blogger who feels the same? Do you have an anonymous blog or do you freely tell all your stories?

  • Shelley
    November 8, 2011

    Definitely feel the same on this. I too worry way too much about what I might write offending somebody I know, and even those I don’t. It really does put a stop to writing the stuff I’d really like to say. I’ve thought about quitting, and even starting one up anonymously, but in the end I’m hoping one day I just get more courage and write from the heart. As you say, there are some stories that are not ours to tell, but there are plenty that are ours to tell, and we should feel free to do that – especially on our own blog! x

  • Naomi
    November 9, 2011

    Sometimes I wish I did for sure!
    Other times, when I have really needed to write about something I have borrowed a friend’s blog and written it there anonymously.

    It’s tricky though a I agree!

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