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From a little rant about silly flyers to a newspaper story, the topic of the Maryville Markets certainly has taken on a life of its own in my life. After posting my opinion on the flyer we received opposing the Maryville Market development, I received a phone call from site owner and developer Con Constantine’s office. They wanted to thank me for my article. Mr Constantine, you’re welcome. They also wanted to run an article on it. Stay tuned I’ll post it once it’s been published.

Artist Impression of Markets

Artist Impression of Markets

So after my first post I delved deeper into the situation and have discovered something that I can tell you right now, I’m not very happy about. Now let me just say before we go any further, this post is not because I wish to become the Poster Girl for Mr Constantine’s development, in this opinion the development is almost irrelevant.

So you ready, here we go.

Today’s Puff is about miss informing people to gain support for an action . Now don’t get me wrong, if something is happening in your suburb and you are genuinely concerned then I’m all for the people power, but what I am not for is people who form these groups and misinform the community.

The flyer that we received opposing the Maryville Market development was full of emotion and in my opinion didn’t offer any facts or relevant information. For example: “We will have trouble moving in and out of our suburb”.

This may well be the case, but please give me more details. Why will this be the case, how will this happen? Can you offer any constructive thoughts to overcome this instead of just throwing your hands up at the thought of another development.

Myself and other local residents have obtained a copy of the plans showing access only from Hannell Street and a proposed 750 space car park. Yet the flyer we received said houses were going to be demolished and another local resident said she was told the main entrance was not going to be on Hannell Street and people would lose their homes. This is not the case at all.

I resent the fact that the local residents are receiving incorrect information and these action groups are using scare tactics to win support, because they can’t develop a genuine opposing argument without bending the truth.

Why not offer both sides of the argument to the local residents and let them make their own minds up. And furthermore, why not work with these developers and voice your concerns constructively. Who knows you might all come to some agreement. I would much rather see something done with sites like the AWH with markets instead of sitting there and being somewhat of an eye sore. If it means developers need to chat to the community and get feedback (CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK) then that’s what they should do.

Also have a think about what other uses that site is available for. Under current zoning what about a shipping or transport company, which means large numbers of semitrailers coming in and out of the site 5 ½ days a week, if not more. No thanks, I’d much rather a family friendly market that I can stroll to on the weekend’s and by some fresh produce or maybe even a $1 pair of sunnies for around the house.

Look at other developments around Newcastle like the Nobby’s Lighthouse site. Neil Slater had a wonderful vision for the site and once again it was attacked by the vocal MINORITY and so the site sits there unused and in much worse condition then if it was restored for the public to enjoy.

Newcastle has come so far from being the BHP town yet these people want to live in the dark ages and oppose every development at every opportunity.

And finally, to those who have accused me of lacking knowledge and empathy. Please do not come on my site unarmed with incorrect information about my opinion. It would appear from my knowledge that I have gained I have been able to form a much more informative opinion then what was left in my letter box.

I have said this before and I will say it again, I have no problem with differences of opinion. Lord knows it would be a boring place if we all thought exactly the same thing. BUT, please don’t think it’s ok to get people to form opinions on information that isn’t even correct or relevant in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all work together with developers letting them know what we need as a community rather than just saying NO to every propsal put to us?.

Who knows maybe one day we can all become one big happy family!

Quick Update: on Monday night the Council approved an amendment to the current LEP, now allowing the developers to now submit a formal Development Application to Council.

In case you missed my first rant: When I don’t agree with an Action Groups actions.

  • Anna
    August 8, 2009

    I have read your blogs re Maryville markets and have to say its all very confusing. We have been receiving flyer after flyer about to cons, which I have to say I have agreeded with…until now. As a new Mum I have been reading this information and looking no further into it. I am busy and just do not have time to look at what other options the site could be used for. So Ami thankyou for taking your time in to get plans and view these. If you could advise how other residents are able to do the same it would certainly help us understand the facts and ignore rumours…we have invested in a new home here and about to do some major renovations so knowing the facts would be nice.

    In saying all this when we did buy here over 12 months ago we were told its going to be the new ‘Balmain’ so I am ready for change! Lets just make it for the better!

  • Clo
    August 9, 2009

    You go girl! One of your best posts yet.

  • Ami
    August 10, 2009

    Hi Anna, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad that slowly I am reaching more Maryville/Wickham residents.

    I will find all the relevant links etc for you where you can download the information on the development.

    We’re looking forward to change as well and yes, of course all for the better! Thanks again.

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