And baby makes 4…

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Sophie kissing her 'bubba'!

I’ve realised that this Sunday I will be 20 weeks pregnant, half way, and I haven’t even blogged about it yet! Yes that’s right, we are adding to our little family with baby #2 due on 7th October.

It’s funny, I thought being pregnant the second time around would be, well maybe a bit easier. You’ve been through it before and I thought this one might be a bit less full of wonderings. But boy was I wrong!

You see when you’re pregnant for the first time, it’s full of not knowing what to expect. Questioning everything (well I did anyway!) Why does that feel like that, is that normal? But then second time around you have the comparison. Comparing each pregnancy, wondering if the same thing was happening at the same time last time. Was I as big last time, or am I smaller this time? If I’m smaller does that mean the baby isn’t growing? You know, all those usual mummy to be angsts.

And of course the comparison’s begin early on trying to figure out if it will be a boy or a girl! I remember very early on during those couple of hazy nausea weeks, I thought to myself, I don’t think I’m throwing up as much as the first time. But I’m definitely more tired. I’d find myself laying on the lounge at 10am while Sophie pottered around in her playroom and within minutes I was out like a light. One time I was woken by Sophie kissing my cheek, and covering me with her little jacket! Cute much?!

Thankfully though as you have each scan all fears are put to rest and you stop worrying so much about comparing this pregnancy to the first one, knowing that everything is ok, and every pregnancy is different.

Then of course the worry turns to, how am I going to manage with TWO! But I guess you just figure it out as you go. And not knowing what we are having is killing me! So now the countdown is on… 19.5 weeks down, 20.5 weeks to go!

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