An unexpected act of kindness…

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Today I thought we’d share the love on Puff Pieces, and get all warm and fuzzy. So grab a cuppa, a piece of slice and sit back and relax while I tell you a little story.

The other week I was at the mall running some errands (that sounded very American didn’t it!) and decided to stop in at DJ’s. We had friends coming up from Sydney and a group of us were going out for dinner on Saturday night, and I decided I wanted a new top. Why, because I’m fat and pregnant, and well, well that’s a good enough reason isn’t it? And I was sick of wearing t-shirts, my comfy hoodie and trackies. But god bless those trackies. A girl’s definite BFF when preggers. Sorry I digress.

So I knew DJ’s didn’t sell maternity clothes, but I figured I could find something loose and just go up a couple of sizes. Turns out it wasn’t so easy after all. Everything I tried on made me feel even worse than when I walked in. I suddenly realised just how big my baby bump was and ‘normal’ clothes weren’t going to cut it. And with the lack of maternity clothes shops in Newcastle, as in none, I quickly got the shits!

On the verge of having a mummy-to-be meltdown in the change rooms, I hot footed it outta there and headed home. I immediately vented on Twitter. Soon after I tweeted something about being fat, nothing fitting, no maternity shops in Newcastle yadda yadda yadda, the lovely Sarah replied that she had a beautiful satin maternity top and had been wondering who would like it. If I was keen, send her a message and I could have it.

The gorgeous top!

My tears of frustration soon turned to happiness. You see I’ve never met Sarah. We follow each other on Twitter and live in the same city, but that’s about it. Her kindness made my day.

So I headed over to Sarah’s and collected the top. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it on! I wore it out for dinner that weekend and had so many lovely comments! And when I told my friends the story behind the top, they too couldn’t believe the kindness that Sarah had shown to virtually a stranger.

So thank you Sarah for making my day, that day! I can’t wait to wear the top again.

Have you got an unexpected act of kindness story?

  • Jane
    September 2, 2010

    Aww, I love a story that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! I’m sure karma will come and get Sarah in the best possible way xx

  • Shelley
    September 2, 2010

    Oh that’s so lovely, and a gorgeous top too! I’ve become a big believer in what you put out into the universe you get back ten fold. Shows how fabulous you both are. xx

  • Jade
    September 2, 2010

    What a lovely story (and a lovely top)!

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