An invitation to a Baby Shower!

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Online Baby Shower

The countdown is on, and as a first time Mum you’re all invited to my online baby shower! When, where, time? Now, here, and now!

At the moment I’m like a sponge, sucking in everyone’s opinions and advice from breastfeeding to burping, knitted jumpers to nappy rash, and yes that’s right I haven’t even hatched yet.

I know some expectant mum’s hate being bombarded with well meaning advice, but I on the other hand like to hear about other people’s experiences, and then of course after digesting all the information, go away and make up my own mind.

So ladies, (and men!), it’s time to put on your mummy or daddy advice hat! Grab a cuppa and a cupcake (I hear they’re delicious) and tell me what would you bring to the baby shower?

  • Jane
    August 3, 2010

    I’d totally bring you one of those nappy cakes. You know the things that look like big cakes, but are made out of nappies? Useful, huh?

    So………. I present to you…..


    There you go.

    Thanks for the cupcake, it was delicious! xx

  • big bro
    August 3, 2010

    advise … mmmm mmmm mmmmm. mmmmmm .mmmmm

    what would i bring a few presents.

    For you,
    cant go pass dummys but knowing you so well it would have to be an endless photo album.

    For John,
    boobs aka ( bottles )
    and a nose peg. lol

    big bro xx

  • Megan @ Writing Out Loud
    August 3, 2010

    Thanks for the invite! ;)

    I recently gave a pregnant friend a box of goodies, with some products that I’d found really useful when my baby was, well, a baby.

    There was the natural, baby-safe (brand: Little Innoscents) version of Vicks Vapor Rub, for snuffly littlies.

    Also the best ointment ever invented for (warning – too much information ahead!) sore breastfeeding boobs, called Lansinoh (take it to the hospital with you!).

    Blankets – you can NEVER have too many blankets.

    Baby nail clippers – I never thought to buy them, so was glad someone else thought of it.

    A dummy – even if you’re anti-dummies (like I was – but soon changed my mind) it’s a great thing to have on hand just in case.

    Hope that helps… now I’m off to have another cupcake – they were good! :)

  • nomie
    August 5, 2010

    Thanks for the invite:)

    As for advice, well, this falls into the too much information category, but take a roll of the softest, non scented, toilet paper you can buy with you to the hospital. Best advice bar none a midwife gave me.

    Singlets for the baby, you can never have too many, they get wet easily, and somedays it’s easier to grab a clean one from a huge pile than think about washing.

    I agree with the dummy advice, I was anti them… but for my daughter it was a life saver!

    Also, when all the well meaning advice from everyone and their cat on feeding, settling etc gets too much… just take yourself and your babe to a quiet room away from everyone… it’s amazing what the two of you can work out on your own :)

    Hope that helps… now where are those yummy cupcakes!


  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    August 9, 2010

    One word of advice in hospital: USE THE NURSERY!

    With my 1st, I was so worried about him, I wanted him in with me every night. Bad move. I was exhausted! I mean, yes – it’s handy to try some settling techniques, but really – you have plenty of time at home to do that. Give Tic Tac his/her last feed at night, then wheel him/her in to the nursery, give a kiss goodnight and grab some zzzz’s. The midwives will wake you when it’s time to feed. You’ll just sleep a little better. Babies are a little noisy at times, snuffling away there. :) xxx

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