An amazing online community.

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communityWhen I joined Twitter oh about a year ago, I was introduced to a new online world that I quickly found fascinating. Initially I was mostly following advertising and communications people because that is my industry.

THEN! Then I discovered the world of blogging and a network of women so amazing that sometimes I still can’t believe it!

So who are these women I am referring too? Well, I’m glad you asked. You see it all started when I realised that I just had to have a blog. In fact I NEEDED a blog to get all these crazy thoughts and opinions out of my head and onto the computer screen for all the world to enjoy! Ok, so maybe the latter is a bit optimistic, but getting the thoughts out is great nonetheless. So as I started developing and expanding my pretty pink blog, so too did my following of similar blogs, people etc on Twitter.

First I found Mia Freedman and her award winning blog Mamamia: Oh my gosh, I thought, an online community of opinions and current events where we can all contribute! Fantastic! (I can only dream of Puff becoming as popular as Mamamia one day!)

So as I quickly became addicted to Mamamia, I quickly discovered that this community not only provided for some great discussions online about topics from Breastfeeding to Barak Obama, but the community was as good as paying $10k for therapy.

So last night as I checked my Twitter I discovered that one such woman who is part of this community was having a hard time again with her little one in hospital. I watched as the messages of love and support were sent her way and suddenly felt a) heartbroken for this family and b) all warm and fuzzy. Heartbroken because to hear news of a sick child is awful and all warm and fuzzy, because I’m sure like many of these women, I have never met this family, yet we all have this genuine concern because of this online bond.

So just when you think of all the horrible stuff that is going on and goes on in the world, it was such a lovely thing to see this amazing online community in action.

Are you part of an online community? How does it help you?

  • Jodie Ansted
    October 13, 2009

    Hi there Ami

    I know exactly what you mean! Like you, the first blog I came across was Mia’s, and I’m now addicted. I comment regularly, although I’ve only been doing so for about a month now. I found your blog yesterday, and LOVE it! I started my own just last week, and I’m really enjoying the process. I think the community feel is great.

    Now, as for Twitter…I’m hoping to set that up soon. It sounds my kinda thing, just haven’t got around to doing it yet. When I do though, I’ll be looking you up!

    Great site. I’ll be stopping in regularly from now on. All the best.

  • Another Amy
    October 13, 2009

    Great story Ami. I think you have explained so perfectly what I have been trying to put into words what all my “non-online” friends call “crap” / “waste of time” / “sad”! Little do they know how much they are really missing out on!

  • Nomie
    October 14, 2009

    Ami, I know what you mean about getting your thoughts out of your head and onto the screen.. and what you mean about the MM community! The n line community is an amazing place… am not sure what I’d do without it now!
    Lovely pretty pink blog too!

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