Ami the MasterChef!

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amis-dinner-003Last night I got an insight into what it would be like to be a contestant on MasterChef. Maybe just without the cameras, the fancy ingredients and cooking to win $100,000, but damn it there was pressure! So what did I do? I cooked dinner, a proper dinner for THE FIRST TIME EVER!

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly like being on MasterChef but this was a big step for me!

You think cooking dinner isn’t a big deal right? WRONG! Did I mentioned it was THE FIRST TIME EVER! Yes I’ve cooked before, well more like just put things in the oven and the microwave or baked cupcakes and cookies but last night was different, it was a REAL dinner!

So here’s my MasterChef spiel on ‘my dish’! Spinach, ricotta and fetta cannelloni topped with tomatoes and mozzarella with a side garden salad with balsamic vinegar.

And guess what?! It was delicious! If I do say so myself. So now my future children can enjoy cannelloni as well as cookies and cupcakes!

Oh and I even cleaned up too! Number 1 future wife of 2009. I think so!

amis-dinner-005 amis-dinner-0061

  • big bro
    July 23, 2009

    lets just start with o.m.g.. now having been your second biggest fan behind BEN (thats debatable) and for another time, firstly id like to say what photoshop program are you secondly nice choice of food to start i 2 had that last night, whos was better well thats also debatable? got to say though mine was pretty good. as for having a go good on you.. whens dinner?. finally i am a harsh critic but anyone that cooks cupcakes and cookies to me can call themselves anything thing they like. keep the good work up “masterchef”.

  • Amanda (bugmum)
    July 23, 2009

    Are you kidding me, Ami? That looks far too delicious to have been your first attempt! Clearly you have missed your calling…nice work xox

  • Ami
    July 23, 2009

    Thanks guys! I must say, it was alot easier than expected and I actually quite enjoyed it!

    But don’t tell future hubby, I don’t want him to get used to laying on the couch every night while I cook!

  • Ben
    July 24, 2009

    We might not tell future hubby the rest of us will certainly take advantage of it.

    I’m just picturing you with your cooking show….. your first guest could be Julie!!!

    And just so you know there is nothing to debate about being your biggest fan (big bro)!!!!

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