Agony aunt? I don’t think so!

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Forget being an agony aunt, a savvy auntie is much more fun!

My auntie & I about 24yrs ago!

My auntie & I about 24yrs ago!

For as long as I can remember having an auntie meant having this cool older person to take you out and to go and stay with during the school holidays. They were old enough to be trusted with you without giving you the ‘I’ll tell you what to do’ mum vibe!

I have 2 younger cousins 6 and 3 so I’m kinda more like their auntie than cousin and I inherited 2 nephews and a niece from my other half.  (Much to my other half’s disgust our niece would much rather hang out with me! I think me being a girl with jewellery and “precious precious things” as she so cutely puts it kinda helps!)

I find myself getting very excited prior to each visit with any of the little people in our families! For a person with very little patience I could sit for hours with our niece and put the dolls to bed, wake them up and… well you know how it keeps going!

The conversations you can have with a 2 year old completely amaze me! I got the run down a few weeks ago from our niece about how the new baby (her mum is due in about 6weeks) was “moving in”. Yep the baby is “moving into the room next door”. So very grown up and so very matter of fact! When asked if she was ready to hop out of the bath she replied “Goodo”! It was hysterical and a reminder to watch what we say around kids – she tells me she got that word from her mum!

I haven’t even got started on my cousin who I’m convinced will grow up to be Prime Minister and his super cheeky and imaginative little brother, not to mention our nephew nearly 4 who seems to become more grown up every visit and his cool dude little brother who just seems to take everything in! Listen to me, gosh I could just gush all day but I won’t!

So being an auntie really is a great privilege. It’s kind of like fun parenting 101 with only a few dirty nappies along the way (unless you’re Uncle John and you’ve managed to avoid a nappy change all together!)

It feels like only yesterday for me that I was off again on school holidays to hang out with my cool auntie and uncle in Sydney! So enjoy being an auntie, because they do grow up so quickly.

I recently came across a fanastic website Unfortunately it is American so not all the information applies to us, however some of the other ideas on there is fantastic.

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