ABC, it’s as easy as 123 (Wall Sticker Review!)

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Kids playroom

Miss Sophie, who will be 3 in October, is quite obsessed at the moment with letters and spelling. Ask her to spell her name and she’ll happily rattle off S.O.P.H.I.E like nobody’s business. But beware… you’ll then get her started… MUM, how do you spell mum? MUM, how do you spell dad? MUM, how do you spell… you get my drift.

Recently Bright Star Kids asked if I’d like to do a review on their wall art. Um, let me think about that… yes please! We have other Bright Star Kids wall stickers in the kids playroom and they just brighten up the walls and look great.

I showed Sophie the range on their website, and thought I’d let her choose. Unfortunately for little Ben (9 months) he was just going to have to be happy with whatever his big sister chose (within reason of course!)

I wasn’t surprised when the ABC range of Wall Art caught Sophie’s eye. “Look Mum, it’s B for Ben”! And so it was decided, our blank wall in the kids new playroom was going to be filled with the Learn the Alphabet Wall Stickers!

Our new wall stickers!

Unfortunately for Sophie I made sure I applied them after the kids had gone to bed, so I could concentrate and avoid little fingers wanting to help!

Bright colours, & great quality!

The stickers are a great quality fabric. Most of them peeled off easily but a few had a couple of little problem areas where it was like the sticker hadn’t been cut completely. A helping hand from hubby was required when peeling these ones off the backing sheet as I didn’t want to stretch or ruin the sticker.

Overall though the stickers were really easy to apply to the wall. After I’d applied them all I wasn’t happy with how I’d set them out. They seemed a bit too bunched up. So I started moving them around and playing with the layout. Thankfully each sticker came off with no troubles and went back on perfectly.

With a husband who has an aversion to every paint colour except white, wall stickers for us are the perfect thing for decorating any room in the house! They are also extremely cost effective. I love that the kids playroom is fun and bright and the Learn the Alphabet Wall Stickers are also educational and interactive.

Sophie has already mastered Xylophone, and ‘R’ is for rainbow is the current favourite!

Bright Star Kids have such a great range of wall stickers, the only problem you’ll have is deciding which one’s!

Head to their website to check out their great range of products.

Disclosure: I received the wall stickers at no charge from Bright Star Kids, in return for a review of the product. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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