A whole new world…

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Having kids is by far the greatest joy in the world. They make you laugh, cry, frustrated but so so happy. They also remind you of how it’s the simple things that can make you smile and take you back to your own childhood.

Abu the monkey!

Growing up, Aladdin was one of my absolute favourite movies. I thought Abu the monkey was the cutest thing I’d ever seen and Princess Jasmine the most beautiful. I wished that I could have a pet tiger and sing like she did. A Whole New World was my favourite song and I’d belt it out off tune all the time. Their adventures looked like so much fun. And who wouldn’t want their very own Genie and magic carpet!

The best thing now about having kids? It gives you the perfect excuse to relive these memories, watch the movies and introduce them to the wonderful world of Disney.

Watching Sophie bop around, wiggling her bum to the beat of any music, including ad’s on TV often has me in hysterics, so I can only imagine what she’ll be like when we go to the new Disney Live! show in January! The all dancing, all singing cast full of all our favourite Disney characters will no doubt have plenty of tiny little feet tapping and little bums wiggling to the beat of the music. I’m so excited and can’t wait. I mean Sophie’s so excited and can’t wait. Ok, so she doesn’t even realise she’s going yet, so I’m excited enough for the 2 of us!

Disney Live is coming to Newcastle Entertainment Centre on January 17-18. Tickets are already on sale through Ticketek. Follow the link HERE.

The whole Disney Live! gang

And don’t forget to stay tuned for a very exciting Disney giveaway next week! Yes I will have 4 tickets to give away to one of the Newcastle shows!

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