A slap on the wrist

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graffiti-001Last night, or I should say early this morning, at 2.30am to be exact I was woken by some people walking past our house.

Not that big of a deal around here as we get a few drunken stumblers finding their way home from the local pubs on a regular basis. Then I heard an odd noise right outside our window.

At first I thought it was our dogs name tag jiggling, then my Husband took a look out the window to discover we’d just been graffiti’d. The bonnet of his car and our front fence. Merry Xmas they said. Yeah well you know where you can stick your Merry Xmas kids.

Yep that’s right I said KIDS. We called the cops and so had the local servo down the road to report some kids loitering. The corner house on the next block caught them graffiting one of their cars and chased them. Caught one red handed with eggs and a spray can. Oh yes I forgot to mention they egg’d our car too.

graffiti-003So one got caught and one got away. The coppers came to get our details and inspect the damage all while telling my furious husband that there isn’t actually much they can do with a 14 year old. Yep, folks a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD.

They hopefully scared the crap out of him when they were yelling, “Get up against the van. Spread your legs.” Then chucked him in the back. But realistically apart from maybe, yep MAYBE talking to his parents and organising for him to clean the shit off our fence, he’ll get nothing but a slap on the wrist, under the young offenders act. And frankly I wouldn’t want them anywhere near our house again anyway.

So naturally, our reaction was that our legal system is f*&@ed. We have to cop the cost of getting the car bonnet no doubt re-sprayed and having to re-paint our front fence. Which might I add is all of about 10 weeks old.

It shits me to tears that these little bastards with nothing better to do, who should be asleep at 2.30am do all the damage and then get told, Ok now don’t do it again and off you go. I don’t care how old these ‘kids’ are. If they’re old enough to go let’s go destroy someone else’s property then they’re old enough to cop the consequences, plain and f&%@ing simple.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the other car damaged was a young girl’s. They spray painted in her headlights, all around her bumper. What’s the bet she can’t afford to have all of this repaired. And only a few days before Christmas. Makes me sick.

So failing our crap legal system making them pay for what they’ve done, and short of us going around and trashing all their belongings, I guess we’ll just have to rely on karma. And one can only hope that when it comes to them, it’s a bitch.

What do you think about the Young Offenders Act. Is a slap on the wrist any sort of punishment for wrecking other people’s property? What do you think is a good punishment for crime’s such as this?

  • Belinda
    December 21, 2009

    Ami this has happened to me too, about 5 years ago…fortunately my car was in the garage, but the boys I was living with had their cars spray painted and defaced. It is awful! Is it a reflection of parenting?? Who lets their FOURTEEN year old children out at 2.30am??

  • Jane
    December 22, 2009

    Oh, Ami, I’m so sorry this happened to you so close to Christmas!

    But seriously, FOURTEEN!?! I totally agree with Belinda, this behaviour is obviously a result of a screwed up home environment. This behaviour is not OK.

    They should have to at least pay for the damage they’ve caused.


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