A shopping trolley drivers licence.

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298x232_groccart_08_07On Saturday afternoon I ventured out to the supermarket. You see in our house we don’t really do the grocery shopping. Hubby tends to collect things every day or 2 from the supermarket for a couple of nights dinners. The supermarket is on his way home and he’s the main cook, well kinda the only cook, so he gets the lucky job of supermarket shopping.

Anyway, so as I said I ventured over there on the weekend. We had no milk, no bread, no snacks, and well not much of anything really, and hubby was away, so I didn’t really have any choice. I decided I’d make, yes I WOULD MAKE dinner that night, but felt like crap from still having a cold. I knew a tuna pasta bake was as easy as making toast so that would do. Sorry but this Puff Piece isn’t going to be about how I stuffed up a super easy meal!

The supermarket was relatively crowded and it didn’t take long for me to lose my patience. People bloody reversing without looking, turning around without looking, and just stopping in the middle of an aisle with no indication, or no regard for anybody else in the supermarket.

The words YOU NEED A BLOODY DRIVERS LICENCE TO DO YOUR GROCERY SHOPPING popped into my head. God I’m a genius I thought. Shopping trolleys with reversing noises, blinkers, break lights. I can see it now. Stop signs, giveway, perfect! They’d solve all the problems of people who just can not drive their way around a supermarket. Maybe even a little horn wouldn’t go astray. But then again, I think I’d be the worst offender. Lord knows I would have used it at least 50 times on Saturday.

The test wouldn’t be that hard, and if you failed it then at least we’d be weeding out those annoying people who shouldn’t be driving a shopping trolley in the first place. And let’s face it, there’s always Coles Online. (No unfortunately I didn’t get paid for that mention!)

But having said all that, maybe just some common courtesy wouldn’t go astray. But then again, yeah right, who am I kidding!

How do you find grocery shopping?

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  • Jane
    November 18, 2009

    Oh my God I totally agree! I love love love supermarkets, they are basically my favourite shop, but only on the proviso that they are EMPTY.

    Can’t stand people stopping to chat in the middle of the aisle, turning out of aisles without looking, stopping to stare at the selection of pasta sauces without pulling over to the side…. Drives me nuts.

    Road rules should definitely apply at supermarkets.

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