A little thing I like to call, progress.

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Ah the serenity.

So last week we spent the week up at Smiths Lake. A lovely place about 1 ½ hrs North of Newcastle. It was a great week with Hubby’s family, and one that included a couple of little progressions for me, so I thought I’d share them with you.

It all started on the Sunday morning when we took Jack (our pup) to the kennels. This would be his first trip to the kennels and I was a little emotional to say the least. He bounded off full of happy energy and I got back in the car and cried. Yes that’s right I cried. Why? Because I love my pooch to bits and I desperately wished that I could tell him it would only be for a week and we’d be back to get him. Apparently he had an absolute ball and all the staff fell in love with him. So why is any of this progress? Well, because I only cried for a little bit on the Sunday, even though I missed him terribly all week!

The progression continued on that Sunday when I was packing. I’m quite happy to be perfectly honest and say I’m a crap packer. I over pack, or think I’ve packed the wrong things. But this year I was determined to get it right! I packed ONE pair of shorts, ONE pair of cargo pants and a pair of trackies just in case. I even limited my tops, and, AND, I DIDN’T pack my hairdryer or straightener. That’s right people, you read it correctly, I DIDN’T pack my hairdryer or straightener. Do you need me to type it again? No, you got the gist?! Good stuff.

So, I did pack my make-up, BUT, I didn’t wear any. That’s right no make-up for the entire week. Why? Well frankly I don’t need make-up god damn it. No just kidding. Hanging out by the lake and on the boat didn’t really require any sprucing up of a morning so I was happy to go all natural thank you very much. And just to clarify I don’t actually usually wear a lot of make-up, but a light dust of powder of a morning always makes me feel a bit better.

So that was my week. No hair doing, no make-up, no pooch :( , just relaxing by the lake.

How was your week/weekend?

  • Ellen
    March 1, 2010

    Welcome back!!
    Glad to hear both Jack and you survived the kennels!
    We are planning a trip for later this year and I have already ‘teared up’ at the mere suggestion of sending my fur baby to live with strangers for a week. Hopefully if i’ve started stage one now, my progression shall be almost complete in time for the trip.

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    March 1, 2010

    Oh, just lovely! And welcome back! I missed you!!!

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