A glass & a half full of sugary caffeine goodness

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I was sitting in Brisbane airport last night waiting for my flight home and overheard a very strange conversation between a mother and her approx 11 year old daughter.

Let me quickly fill you in:

Daughter: Mum when we get home can I have a cup of coffee?
Mum: NO.
Daughter: But why not, Jenny’s mum let’s her drink coffee and I drink it when I’m over there.
Mum: I said no, you’re too young to be drinking coffee, it’s not good for you.

All seemed pretty normal to me until I looked up and saw that the daughter was DRINKING A BOTTLE OF COKE as was her little brother sitting next to her.

It really amazed me at this mother’s thinking. Last I’d heard, Coke was pretty bad for you and in comparison to a cup of coffee, I’d dare say (without any research or hard evidence) that a bottle of coke was probably worse than a cup of coffee! I reckon the daughter was just wanting to have a cup of coffee because it’s perceived as an adult thing to do, but I can not work out the Mother’s reasoning? Did she have the same juvenille view as her daughters that coffee was only for adults, but soft drink is different?

Some people’s parenting will never cease to amaze me!

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  • Ben
    June 18, 2009

    I think it is oof the many trained responses that parents these days and formerly for that matter have. There are a number of little saying or perceptions (whether they be true or not) that most parents are programmed to say because their parents said it or all the other parents said it. I dont think there is a greta deal of thought going into the response, it is just a Knee-jerk reaction.

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