A gay man & a newly divorcee. Will they make great parents? Absolutely!

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So while we’re on the subject of little people I thought we might have a chat about Sonia and Todd. Who? You ask. Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney. You know the people off Dancing with the Stars.

sonia_toddSo, they have been friends for ever, about 26 years and apparently had a fling back in the day. Todd is gay and Sonia is recently divorced, both are 44. Todd has a daughter with a another close friend.

So where is all this going!! It was revealed yesterday in the Australian Women’s Weekly that Todd has asked Sonia to have a baby with him.

He loves kids, she loves kids, she wants a baby, and knows her biological clock is ticking and might not find Mr Right in time and he would like another child. All sounds good to me. So, end of story? Not quite, of course I have something else to say!

I honestly think that it is a fantastic idea. In this day and age becoming a parent is not as simple anymore as just having sex, and nor should it be. If mother nature or circumstances decides that a woman can’t carry a baby or concieve the old fashioned way then she shouldn’t have to accept it and get over it. People who often have to go to greater lengths to have a baby will no doubt make wonderful parents to their much wanted child. Would they make better parents because they have had to work harder to have a baby? Maybe? Who knows.

Anyway so what are your thoughts on the Sonia and Todd situation? We recently saw the story of the gay couple who travelled all the way to India to have a surrogate give birth to their twin girls. They copped plenty of flak for their decision but I guarantee you they are making wonderful parents.

Lord knows there’s plenty of people out there becoming parents the old fashioned way who shouldn’t even be given the responsibility of a gold fish let alone another human being.

So once again just because you can’t become a parent the old fashioned way, does that mean who shouldn’t be able to? You know what I think, what do you think?

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  • Belinda
    June 26, 2009

    You know, good on them! Whilst it is not a traditional way to have children, at least the child will be brought up with loving, competent parents – I can think of much worse circumstances!!!

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