A Domestic Goddess. But for how long?

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domesticgoddessSo when it comes to the kitchen and the activity that takes place there, cooking, I am happy to admit I am domestically challenged.

BUT, when it comes to the cleaning of the house I am not just a domestic goddess, but definitely the fairest princess of them all! I look forward to tidying and cleaning the house and I actually enjoy doing it, in small doses of course, and of course it’s all for the end result.

BUT, and there’s always another but! I wasn’t always this domestically inclined!

Ask my mum what my room used to look like when I lived at home. Clothes didn’t live in the wardrobe, they lived on the floor, towels didn’t belong hung up in the bathroom, nope, they belonged on the bedroom floor too, along with whatever else got thrown there. So while my parents suffered through my messy teen years as soon as I left home something changed. Maybe there is a little cleaning switch in your brain that isn’t activated until you leave home! If there’s a cooking one too then I better get myself to a neurologist coz that switch certainly never got flicked!

So nowadays I can’t stand the house being messy, although I do have my ‘I couldn’t give a shit moments’ and leave it looking like a bomb site for a while, especially now with builders there! But most of the time, I like things in their place and can’t help myself but tidy until everything looks right and then I can flop on the couch.

So while previous housemates have enjoyed my tendency to like things tidy and now my future husband is enjoying the benefits of my domestic goddess tendencies, I have started worrying about the future repercussions. What repercussions? I’m glad you asked.

My concerns relate directly to the future little people that will soon be gracing us with their beautiful yet oh so demanding presence. Yes, that’s right, what the hell is going to happen when we have a baby?!  I don’t have my head stuck under a beautifully hand sewn floral Laura Ashley pillow, I understand completely how much of your time and energy a tiny little person will suck up, but I am yet to personally experience the joys of Motherhood. So I am wondering how my domestic goddess tendencies are likely to change. I have a feeling I’ll adopt the new mum attitude, ‘Oh look there’s clothes on the floor and the dog has just destroyed another soft toy and there’s fluff everywhere. Oh well’.

Oh well is right. I guess only time will tell.

I wonder if there’s a reverse cleaning switch when babies do come along?
One can only hope so!

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