Bright Star Kids Room Makeover… And GIVEAWAY!

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UPDATE: The winner of the $100 Bright Star Kids gift voucher is…. drum roll please…. Sharee Lockhart!! Congratulations Sharee. I’ll be in touch via email soon. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. Don’t forgot you can still get 15% off until the end of September, just use the discount code: puffpieces when you spend $30 or more!

I’ve loved decorating our kids bedrooms, but when it came our youngest son’s bedroom I’ve been a little bit stuck.

I went with a red and grey theme, but once it was all together I’ve been thinking that it needed something else. And when you’re married to an architect who loves white walls (nearly as much as he loves me!) painting was out of the question!

So when Bright Star Kids* contacted me to check out the new products on their website, I thought what a fantastic opportunity to add the colour to Harry’s room that has been missing.



I set out to find something fun and bright, but there was one problem… I couldn’t choose!!!

I honestly sat in front of the computer searching through all their gorgeous wall art trying to work out how I could decide.

After thinking through what was already on the walls, (framed art & canvases) I decided to go with some wall stickers to break it all up. I honestly could have chosen so many different designs!

In the end I decided to go with something bright, colourful and age appropriate (Harry’s 10 months) that could still last him as he grows.

After seeing the combination of 2 wall sticker kits on the website, I chose the ‘Transport’ and ‘Sky High’ kits.

We’ve used the Bright Star Kids wall stickers before and know how easy they are to use, but they were quite large stickers and simple designs for the kids playroom.

This was my first attempt at something requiring a little more thought. Due to the fantastic quality of the stickers they was so easy to apply to the wall, stand back and check it out and if need be remove and reapply. (And there was a little of that, thanks to hubby and I ‘working together’!)

And here’s the result! We are thrilled with how they have brightened up Harry’s room. And of course the 2 big kids now want some for their rooms!

Ta da...! AFTER!

Ta da…! AFTER!

What I love most about the stickers are their versatility. You can arrange them however you like, if your child moves rooms or you move house just remove the stickers and stick them on some baking paper so you can reuse them! (A little handy hint I learnt when we moved house!)

Fantastic quality!

Fantastic quality!

So easy to apply!

So easy to apply!

And most excitingly, the awesome people at Bright Star Kids and I have an amazing giveaway** AND discount code just for you!!

If you would like to be in the running to win a $100 give voucher (yes ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!) just head to, check out their awesome range of products then head back here and leave a comment telling me your favourite Bright Star Kids product. It’s that simple!

The winner will be chosen by Competition is open from Monday 20th July and closes at 9am on Monday 27th July. The winner will be announced on here and contacted via email.

And if you’d like to purchase anything from the Bright Star Kids range, for a generous discount of 15% just use the discount code: puffpieces (a minimum spend of $30 applies. Code expires 30th September 2015.)

As well as all their gorgeous wall art, there’s so many great things to choose from including name labels, bags, and even clothing.

So off you go, run don’t walk! And be sure to come back and enter the competition!

Good luck!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

**T&Cs: Competition open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person.

Birth Photography

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When I had my first baby the last thing that was on my mind was photos. Which is a bit strange, because I LOVE photos! But when you’re in labour for the first time and unsure of what is happening, there’s kind of a few other things on your mind.

Right after Sophie was born, the midwife who helped deliver Sophie asked John for our camera and took some happy snaps. Something I am eternally grateful for. Those first precious moments captured forever.

In my crazy giving birth fog the second time around I once again wasn’t thinking about photos. Unfortunately we didn’t have a quick thinking photographer, I mean midwife, to capture the cutting of the cord etc. Hubby did get some nice ones of Ben and I after all the commotion had settled down!

So when I was pregnant with baby #3 and a friend mentioned that a photographer friend of hers was looking to expand into *birth photography and after some willing participants, I jumped at the chance!

John took a little convincing…

John’s memory of the birth of our first 2 babies was that for the majority of the time in the birthing suite, we were alone. Except when I was being checked on or yelling for pethidine, it was just the 2 of us, one contraction at a time.

I convinced him to at least meet the photographer and we’d go from there. He knew that I’d pretty much made up my mind and after meeting the lovely Viv, he said yes!

I ended up being induced for baby #3 which was completely unfamiliar territory me. I didn’t like knowing that I knew exactly what was about to happen!

Viv arrived somewhere around 5cm I think! By that time my best friend was the gas and I was telling John to go and get a vasectomy! The next 30 minutes are somewhat of a blur… 6cm and begging for an epidural, willing them to hurry up with the pethidine and 20 minutes later I had a beautiful baby boy in my arms.

And there he was... just a few seconds old.

And there he was… just a few seconds old.

Suddenly our baby boy wasn’t breathing and started turning blue. He was whisked away and was only a couple of metres behind me but I couldn’t see him. Then that sound, the sound of that newborn cry. The greatest relief anyone who has just given birth will experience.

Viv beautifully captured all of this for us. The joy, the heart wrenching anticipation. And while I don’t really think about those few awful minutes anymore, looking at the photos reminds me of how precious every little life is. And for me having these photos done weren’t about pictures of what was going on ‘down there’, but rather the joy of what all that hard work produces, and those first precious minutes with our beautiful baby.

My favourite photo!

My favourite photo!

I asked Viv to share her thoughts on birth photography:

Birth. words that come to my mind include wrinkly, red, squishy, squawking, hard work, helpless, loved, precious, joy, relief, love, family, emotional… there is something real and raw and unfeigned about the opportunity to be involved with parents as they bring a new life into the world, a world of possibilities, of love, of laughter. The privilege of being involved in that process is just so amazing the through gives me goose bumps. I just love being able to capture this all for families in a lasting way.

To me, birth photography is not so much about the mechanics of the process; rather I aim to capture the emotions, the interactions with partners and birthing teams and the joy a parents greet and get to know their new family member, marvel over their snub nose, count the toes and the fingers, the total story around his/her arrival.

The birth process will be one of the most emotional but also one of the most fleeting times in someone’s life, but without tangible reminders, our memories invariably fade and crumble. I love that the images I capture will allow families to keep those memories vital and intact.

I will always be forever grateful for the beautiful photos of Harry’s birth. If you’re considering birth photography I can honestly say that you won’t regret it. Make sure you get on well with your photographer and I guarantee you’ll be so thankful that you did it. We were so fortunate that Viv was amazing. I forgot she was there (in a good way!) and she was very respectful.

If you live in Newcastle and considering birth photography, Viv from Light Magic Images was truly amazing.

*Please note this is not a sponsored post.

Winner: Disney On Ice…

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Will you Dare to Dream?!

Will you Dare to Dream?!

CONGRATULATIONS Kirily, you and Banjo have won the Ultimate Disney On Ice Experience!

We will be in touch via email.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered.

If you would like to Dare to Dream and experience all your favourite princesses head to for all ticket information.