Day 2: Casual comfort

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Day 2: Casual comfort

Day 2: Casual comfort

Despite a quiet day at home ahead of me, and only preschool pick up, a pair of trackies was calling my name… But I have of course resisted and went rummaging through my drawers. Don’t you love it when you find stuff you forgot you had!

With the promise of another lovely sunny spring day I thought these MIX Apparel pants would be great. I’ve even got my ankles out! (Pants probably need an iron but lets not get too carried away!).

I’m a great lover of 3/4 sleeves with my hands always in the sink washing up, and once again wearing stripes with this comfy top from Suzanne Grae… (You’d be surprised what you might find in there under the age of 50!!).

Shoes are from Big W, for the grand price of $5!! And my favourite thing that I’m wearing today is my new DribbleGems necklace. If you’re a mum with a teething baby you’ll love DribbleGems (check them out HERE. More on these great necklaces soon!)

Have a great day everyone! #whatmumwore

Please not this is not a sponsored post.

Day 1: What Mum wore

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Heeeeere we go!! Welcome to SPRING and day 1 of What Mum wore!

Spring has well and truly sprung (although that breeze is a tad chilly!) and today for me is all about comfort. Tuesday’s aren’t particularly exciting around here. It consists of hanging out with my little boy while the 2 big kids are at preschool. We venture to the shops every now and then, which we need to do today and do the preschool pick up in the afternoon.

I’m sure by now the preschool teachers recognise me by my clothes before they see my face. You see I have tended to have a ‘uniform’ of comfy trackies and jumpers over the winter. But not today! So here is my first #whatmumwore outift…


Day 1: What Mum wore

Day 1: What Mum wore

Day 1: The bits & pieces

Day 1: The bits & pieces

I am totally in love with my new top from Bohemian Traders. It is seriously the most comfortable ‘singlet top’ I have ever purchased. I wish it came in more colours! I do love stripes though, which I’m sure you’ll notice quite a bit over the next 30 days! You can check out the top HERE and even better, it’s on SALE!!! Jeans are actually maternity jeans (ssssshhhhhh!!!). They are Maternal America and super super comfy, pregnant or not. A great investment I made nearly 3 years ago and I’m still wearing them after 2 pregnancies. I only wish I’d found them during my first pregnancy! I bought mine from Queen Bee. Doing the double denim today with a shirt I picked up a while ago at Big W. Perfect for what will hopefully turn out to be a lovely warmish spring day! My jewellery is from Uberkate which I absolutely LOVE! If you haven’t discovered Uberkate, I suggest you run, don’t walk!! And finishing off the outfit my new fave shoes I recently bought from Betts. They even got these cushiony things in them and are super comfortable. They also come in ‘slides’ which I think I might invest in for the warmer weather.

So there you have it! Day 1 and not a pair of trackies, sloppy joe, $5 Kmart singlet or hair shoved up in a wet bun in sight!! If you’d like to join in, just head to Facebook and share your pics with us using #whatmumwore

Please note this is not a sponsored post and all items I have purchased myself.

What Mum wore…

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Being a stay at home mum to 3 kids means the days of making sure my heels match my earrings are long gone. Not only are those days long gone, but pretty much so are the heels!!

Now my best accessory is a child on the hip and a nice looking outfit is making sure said child hasn’t wiped chewed arrowroot biscuit on my top or the nearly 3 year old hasn’t wiped his nose on my jeans.

And while none of these things will change in the near future, what can change is my attitude to getting dressed in the morning and hopefully in turn, how I feel about myself.

You know, it’s amazing what kids can teach you if you take the time to listen… Every day my daughter, nearly 5, asks to wear a pretty dress or skirt. I say no for preschool but on the other days, why should I keep saying no. The old saying ‘you can’t take it with you’ is so true. And in Sophie’s case, she’ll probably grow out of those dresses next week, so why not wear them and enjoy them?

So here I am taking a leaf out of Sophie’s book. Why wait for somewhere nice to wear something nice. Because let’s face it… Sometimes those somewhere nice opportunities don’t come up very often. But why can’t that somewhere nice be a trip to the markets with your family or taking your daughter to swimming lessons!

So what is this all about… It’s about my new adventure.

‘What Mum wore’

'What will Mum wear?!'

‘What will Mum wear?!’

A 30 day challenge to post what I wear. Make an effort. Wear beads, wear earrings, oh and brush my hair!!

I’m not very good at challenges. I forget, get distracted, lose interest and usually have 3 kids hanging off me.

But I feel like I’ve hit the bottom of my clothing rut. I’ve pulled myself out a few times but it never lasts long & the usual trackies are worn in winter and the daggy shorts in summer.

Why? Because I’m a tired mum and just because.

But it only takes a few extra minutes along with the time it takes to ‘throw on’ something to add some nice earrings or some beads & bam you can transfer your outfit and how you feel.

A big issue for me about how I look and feel, is my hair. It’s fluffy and I don’t get time to wash and dry it very often. As in never. Unless we’re going out for something special. And that’s, well never! So if I feel better with what I’m wearing, then maybe no one will look at my hair!!!

I’ve long been a fan of the #everydaystyle posts from Styling You and think, I could do that. But I don’t. So now I am. Well sort of…

The 30 days ain’t going to be no Paris fashion week parade. No siree. I’m going to stick to the clothes I have, but just make an effort.

So here goes… 30 days of ‘What Mum wore’ will start on the 1st September!!

And there might even be some treats for you along the way!

Wanna join me…? Please do!!! Head to my Facebook page: and once we begin, upload your pics and use the hashtag #whatmumwore

Would love for you to come along for the ride!!