Day 30: Thank you and it’s not goodbye…

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Day 30, thank you

Day 30, thank you

Day 30, the final day of the What Mum wore challenge! Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun!

First things first… Today I’m wearing Country Road pants, Bohemian Traders top, Basque cardi, Betts sandals and DribbleGems necklace.

And so here we are. 30 days, 30 outfits (a couple of reruns!) and thankfully not a pair of trackies in sight!

I’d like to thank everyone who checked out the pics and played along at home. God this sounds like an Oscar speech!!

Thank you to those that let me know I had inspired them to make an effort and that it made them feel better about themselves.

That’s what this was all about.

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who donated prizes for the giveaways!

Sharee from Norwex: Keeping Clean
Lisa from Style At Your Fingertips (Jamberry)
Filz Inc.

So a few things I’ve learnt…

– Despite buying a few new spring/summer items, I actually had more clothes to wear than I thought!

– Throwing on some beads, and a bit of make up can jazz up any outfit and your mood!

– If you look good, you feel good.

– My kids like to pose!

– When you’re a stay at home mum with 3 crazy kids, you can sometimes feel like you’re not your own person anymore. You’re someones mum. By making an effort with what I wore I started to feel like me again.

– The best compliments come from your kids… On Sunday when I got dressed and Benny saw me he said: “Wow. My like your dress mum.” Total heart melt!

While I’m looking forward to a few make up free days and not having to worry about taking my photo, I’m not quite ready to completely give up What Mum wore! It’s a great motivator!

If you’ll have me, I’d like to continue to post, but not everyday! My wardrobe isn’t that extensive and exciting, but I’ll definitely keep posting!

Thanks again for coming along for the 30 day What Mum wore ride!

Day 29: Filz Inc Winner!

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Day 29

Day 29

Day 29, and a very big congratulations to Leah Kiem, winner of the Filz Inc necklace!

Today I’m wearing Katies jumper, Maternal America jeans, Betts shoes and DribbleGems necklace.

Although judging by the forecast I could be in for a costume change as the day warms up!

Thanks so  much to everyone who entered the final giveaway.

Day 30 tomorrow…!

Day 28: Today is?

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Day 28

Day 28

Day 28, anyone else lose track of the days when it’s school holidays?!

I believe it’s Monday…! And thankfully it’s a gorgeous sunny day.

It’s nice to have a change from all the rain.

Today I’m wearing Country Road pants and knit (a few years old), Target singlet underneath, DribbleGems necklace and Betts shoes.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

Don’t forget to enter the Filz Inc comp to win a gorgeous necklace: ENTER HERE!

See you tomorrow!